We Must Combat Human Sex Trafficking Now…

It is never right to objectify women and glorify gluttony and public drunkenness in the name of sport.

For 24 years now a local sports radio station in Philadelphia, PA has held an event called Wing Bowl to comfort Eagles fans who are downtrodden because our team has never won a Super Bowl.

This event is held on the Friday before every Super Bowl in one of our local professional sports venues where public vomiting and urination take place.

Sponsors of the event include local “strip” clubs where many female dancers at these establishments serve as “Wingettes” to the eaters.

The women are scantily clad and paraded around. Any female attending this event is subject to objectification and encouraged to remove their tops. So public nudity is on display as well.

The sports radio personalities of the local sports radio show in the morning  started this and glorify and encourage all of this.

On this sports radio station between station breaks are numerous radio ads for the local “strip” clubs.

When did sports radio cease to be sports radio? The radio hosts themselves call this event a debauchery and claim it’s good to do this once a year.

We are headed off a cliff! Today marks Super Bowl 50. The Super Bowl has become one of the busiest weekends of the year in human sex trafficking. In human sex trafficking, often underage girls are forced into sex slavery.

In parts of the Middle East and Africa where radical Muslims control the area, underage Christian female girls are captured, forced into slavery in harsh conditions, forced to convert to Islam, forcibly raped and some girls are sold into the human sex trafficking business.

I encourage all to first and foremost pray, secondly become aware. Do your own research into human sex trafficking and persecution of Christians.

Support in any way you can the organizations and politicians who fight against the scourge of human sex trafficking.

Call and write to your local and national politicians and demand this stop.

Keep fighting the fight for Good over Evil!

I hope and pray that this sports radio station sees this article and stops Wing Bowl, stops running ads for local “strip” clubs and stands up and speaks up and uses their strength and might to combat human sex trafficking.

“Create a clean heart in me, O God, and put a new and fresh Spirit within me!” – Psalm 51:10.

God bless and keep walking!



One thought on “We Must Combat Human Sex Trafficking Now…

  1. Very good article. What. WIP promotes is a disgrace. Angelo. Cataldi with his sophomoric humor and buffoonery is disgusting. He acts like a 15 year old with out of control hormones. The fact that the Radio station has strip clubs advertising on their station doesn’t make any sense. They have lowered their moral standards and all this has. NOTHING. To do with sports.

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