This website is dedicated to the memory of my father, Robert Charles DeFeo, who helped me become a man of faith like he was in the image of Christ. He led our family as the man of the house as my mother Elodia led as the woman of the house in complete complimentarity as husbands and wives are called to.

My father loved to walk, and I loved to walk with him. We walked around the Bazaar of All Nations in Clifton Heights, PA years ago before it was torn down and we talked. My father’s friends would sometimes join us. We would sometimes stop to eat and pray. This was really my first men’s faith sharing group and I learned much about life here. We walked around his complex in Fort Myers, FL, when he and my mom moved later in his life and talked some more and ate and prayed often and I still do this with my mother.

My father loved to walk and he loved to talk and so do I. This is a lasting memory I will always have and cherish.

I named this website – Walk By Faith To Live – in honor of my father because we walked together so much, many miles and we both are people of faith, the Catholic faith, he passed on to me, so Walk By Faith To Live for me made perfect sense and came to me as a result of my father’s spirit.

The patron saint of Walk By Faith To Live is The great Apostle and Evangelist St Paul and his quote from 2 Corinthians 5:7 – For we walk by faith, not by sight. I love St Paul and am devoted to his intercession daily and he too walked many miles to share the faith and Good news.

May the Apostle St. Paul, my father Robert Charles DeFeo and the entire heavenly host pray for us!

May this website be a source of peace and hope and may it increase your faith and love of God and others!