God’s Four Pillars of My Life – Faith – Purity – Healing – Action

Chas’ Book – The Catholic Singles Spirituality Guide, Ascension or Ave Maria press

Four Pillars – Faith – Purity – Healing – Action

Mission – To Glorify God as a single person while helping others along the way

Introduction – I write this book to help others grow in the Catholic faith. I hope and pray I listen to and take my own advice as well to grow deeper in my Catholic Spiritual roots. Each of us has a purpose for which we were created. Our responsibility, and our greatest joy, is to identify it.

The main purpose of this book is to help those people, both men and women, who are single because of Divorce, death of a spouse, or never married grow deeper in faith in God, specifically in the Catholic faith tradition.

However, I believe and my hope is that non Catholics as well as married and same sex attracted individuals and couples can benefit from reading this book as well.

Everything starts with JOY! Pope Francis is a tremendous role model in this with his recent exhortation, Evangeli Guadium ( Joy of the Gospel). Second is Truth and third Mercy.

So then, we will be exploring how do we attain JOY, even in the most difficult circumstances, how do we find truth and what does Mercy mean.

What is your Mission in Life? Have you written a Mission statement for your life, and have you memorized it and say it and pray it every day?

Acknowledgements – I want to thank God for giving me the gift of Life, and my parents Robert and Elodia DeFeo for allowing me to be born and providing me with faith, hope and love. My ex wife Sue, who without, we would not have been blessed with 4 incredible and unique children Alex, Julia, Angela and Rosalie, who are truly gifts from God and inspire me every day. My nephew Robert Guy and nieces Rebecca and Jennifer, who are in “reality”, my other 3 children and never cease to amaze me with their Joy and perseverance. My in laws are wonderful and helpful people. My St. Pius X men’s faith sharing group and my Dominican Lay ministry group and my Divorced Catholic Survival group and my fellow CCD teachers and the Knights of Columbus and the Kingsmen all keep me grounded in and growing in my faith, as well as so many more Catholic faith groups, organizations and individuals. Without all of you I would not have been inspired to write this book.



One thought on “God’s Four Pillars of My Life – Faith – Purity – Healing – Action

  1. Good morning Chas…the first post I’m reading is this one of Thanks. Perfect start to a Holy endeavor. Brandt and I want to return the thanks from the bottom of our hearts as we concluded our second round of the Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide under the pastoral care of the great priests and lay people of St. Pius X Parish in Broomall. We’ll keep you and your mission in our prayers. Sincerely, Mary Lou & Brandt Butler

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