My Disclaimer

The author of this blog is not a member of the clergy, nor a professional counsellor, psychiatrist, psychologist or trained in any way at all in pastoral care. This blog is not political nor racist in any way shape or form.

The author does adhere as a religious lay person in the pillars of Prayer, Study, Community, Apostolate, Evangelization and Generosity as a practicing Catholic and a believer in The True Presence of His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and with full knowledge and consent and obedience to the teachings of the magisterium of The Catholic Church.

This author does not care what political party any reader of this blog is affiliated with, nor the color of your skin nor the religion you practice nor your sexual persuasion or what you believe or don’t believe in.

In the author’s opinion every human being has dignity and deserves respect and is not to be objectified, because you and I are uniquely created and loved in the image of God with flesh, bone, blood and Spirit and indelibly marked with a soul that will live forever.

No person, organization or government has the right to create life or take it away from the moment of conception until natural death. God is the author of Life and Death.

The author prays for The Pope and The President of The United States every day regardless of who they are, and for all politicians and all people worldwide.

The author’s sole mission as stated by his mission statement is – “To Glorify God in business and life while helping other along the way”.

This blog is for anyone and everyone who is interested in following Jesus, going deeper in faith and learning more about The teachings of The Catholic Church based on what the author has learned and studied over the years from a formed conscience based on Church teaching.

The author highly recommends you meet with a member of the clergy , the pastor or leader of your church, parish, synagogue, temple or leader of any other organization you practice with to go deeper in your faith.

The reason for this blog is to carry out Jesus commission – “to go into the world and make disciples baptizing in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit”.

Finally, the author believes in the 4 final truths: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell and wishes all to be saved.

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