“The Crucifix”

I kneel before the Crucifix, and sometimes I will cry

For it is I who put Him there, and also helped Him die

He gave His life for everyone, He showed us all the Way!

To everlasting happiness if only we obey.

Each time I sin the wounds seem deep, the blood is glowing red

The nails must tear His flesh apart, the thorns must rip His head

And yet with gentle kindness, He always seems to say

My son I will forgive your sins, return to me and stay.

And He will take me back with Him, and never will I part

For from the Cross I now have learned, I must not pierce His heart

The Crucifix shows sorrow, but in Heaven I will see

The happy face of Jesus, for all eternity!

By: Alexander J. DeFeo, December 13, 1956

What this poem means to me: This poem exemplifies Jesus’ saving power, His unlimited forgiveness and His love for His people.

Charles DeFeo, loving nephew on 2/25/1998

My Uncle Alex was also my god father, a father figure to me and one of the most influential men in my life in every way. He passed from this life to the next on January 26, 1997.

I am thankful for and grateful to him. He wrote many poems, at least one of which was published, as well as other faith-based and inspirational writings. He inspired me to write, and I have kept a journal since 1986.

I encourage you to keep a journal and start writing. I also encourage you to write down a list of those people who you are grateful to and who have shaped you to become the person you are today.



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