What Is A Mom? I can only speak for myself…

…a mom along with God’s and a father’s help gives you the gift of life and brings you into this world

…a mom nurtures you when you are a baby, feeds you, changes you, cleans you, teaches you and plays with you. She does most everything for you and sacrifices most everything for you

…a mom lies on her back when you are a baby and toddler and puts you on her feet and moves them up and down until you laugh, and she laughs along with you

…a mom holds you when you are scared because it’s raining fiercely and thunder and lightning too. She tucks you in, reads, talks or tells stories until you are comforted

…a mom believes in you even when you are not sure you believe in yourself

…a mom has a catch with you, helps you hit a ball or does whatever it takes to help you be better at the sport you are playing

…a mom helps you become a better student, helps you with your homework, projects (I will never forget the grade school project we did together when we used my Action Jackson figure  as Moses, and the styrofoam board as floor and wall and drew the burning bush – God – on it. I loved that project and doing it with you

…a mom drops you off at your first day of High School when you are really nervous and assures you it will be OK, because thousands have gone before you and done it, and you are more special than the rest anyway, makes your lunch everyday and drives you and you talk

…a mom provides by example a work ethic that is unmatched, not just by telling, but by rolling her sleeves up and doing, not just when she was young but her entire life and even now in her late 70’s! Cleaning like a professional, cooking, caring, sharing, working, winning awards at work because of hard work and great attitude all the while smiling

…a mom gives her son pep talks and even tough love while in high school and college playing football

…a mom shares and practices her faith with you and passes down her family  and faith legacy, not just in words but in actions

…a mom watches her son, husband, and both parents pass from this life to the next with dignity, grace and faith while she is left behind

…a mom is a leader who inspires confidence in her adult son to believe he can and will

…a mom is not perfect and makes mistakes in her life and in her marriage, but loves her husband and two sons with a passion and determination that is unmatched

…a mom becomes your best friend, ally, confidant, mentor, everything even though you don’t always return the same love she gives to you all the time

…a mom stands by you in good times and bad, ups and downs, never judging, always helping, never taking, always giving

…a mom brings home the bacon, and can support herself and her family, fry it up in a pan and never let her husband forget he is a man

…there are so many other things a mom can do. I don’t know about a mom, or another mom, I can only speak of my mom, and she is all of the above and more. Her name is Elodia (Pacetti) DeFeo and she goes by Dee or Dee Dee as my father affectionately called her, was born 10/10/1939…

Mom, I love you, thank you for loving me so much, for being you and letting me be me. I will always value and treasure everything you have given me in this life, to the way I look, to family values, to faith in God, to respecting myself and others, to a strong work ethic and perseverance, to being a little mischievous too and realizing it’s OK to have a little fun.

You are the best! Always will be! I used to love the way Pop always said how beautiful you are and how he wanted to build a monument to you. I also loved when Kenny visited you and greeted you with the biggest bear hug.

We still are a great family, because of your love! God Bless you Forever and a day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

With Much Love,

Your son Charles DeFeo

May 7, 2012

This is an original poem I wrote to and for my mother as her Mother’s day present in 2012.



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