Only God Can Fill The Hole!

Catechism in a Year Catechism in a Year

Why do we yearn for happiness?

God has placed in our hearts such an infinite desire for happiness that nothing can satisfy it but God himself. All earthly fulfillment gives us only a foretaste of eternal happiness. Above and beyond that, we should be drawn to God.

Does Sacred Scripture speak about a way to happiness?

We become happy by trusting in Jesus’ words in the Beatitudes. The Gospel is a promise of happiness to all people who wish to walk in God’s ways. Especially in the Beatitudes (Mt 5:3-12), Jesus has told us specifically that eternal blessedness (blessing) is based on our following his example and seeking peace with a pure heart. (YOUCAT questions 281, 282)

Dig Deeper: CCC section (1716-1719) and other references here.

Everyone wants to be happy, we’re just not always right about what will make us happy. Discover the path God designed for your happiness from Archbishop Fulton Sheen.
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