What Are You Doing To Sharpen Your Faith

Proverbs 27:17 tells us – “As Iron Sharpens Iron so man sharpens his fellow man”

So, what are you doing right this minute to sharpen your faith and yourself. As I always say our bodies are temple’s of the Holy Spirit so take care of it. Eat Healthy, exercise, sleep, drink a lot of water and less or no alcohol. Read positive uplifting material and books, watch EWTN to learn more about your faith and listen to KLOVE or The message on Sirius for inspiring music and talk.

What else can you and I do. I meet weekly with men of faith at my parish. We read from Scripture and talk and reflect on it. I meet monthly with The St. Catherine Siena chapter of the Dominican laity in Eastern Province.

Three programs I completed at my parish level that were life changing were 33 days to morning glory along with Consoling the Heart of Jesus, the divorced (or separated) Catholic Survival guide and Lectio Divina. I encourage you all to investigate each. All these groups except divorce survival guide are for all people.

Find out what is going on at your parish and throw yourself into parish life. What you put into it is what you will get out. Don’t complain about your church or church activities, do something about it. I co-founded my parish Men’s faith sharing and gospel reflection group in May 2008.

Start something if your parish does not have it. Ask your pastor.

http://www.allprodad,com and http://www.imom.com are great resources as well.

Start googling topics, talk to others in your parish, church, synagogue or wherever, start meeting with or in a small group of other faith-based people regularly. You will make great Godly friends and become a better friend as you grow in holiness and get closer to God.

God bless you on your journey! Keep praying and “Keep Walking”!!!





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