White House Witness – August 15, 2015 – 10-12noonEST

Please click on link below to get full details for this witness.
Please go to the two Posts on my blog Titled – A Witness To Truth And Hope – and another Titled – Angelic Warfare Confraternity – to gain a better understanding of why I am participating in this witness. It is a Spiritual Work of Love and Mercy and a calling I must accept.
I encourage you to join us. If you are in DC and near the White House on Saturday August 15, 2015 between 10am and 12noon please feel free to stand with us or even stop by to talk. Hope to see you.
God Bless and Keep Walking!!!
after clicking on above link read – More Truth, Less Misplaced Compassion and under that post read the next post tiltled – 3 Ways to Reclaim Marriage In Our Country.
In addition the below links provide great resources –

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