On Pornography and Prostitution

Catechism in a Year Catechism in a Year

Why is prostitution a form of fornication?

In prostitution “love” becomes a commodity and the person is degraded to an object of pleasure. That is why prostitution is a serious offense against human dignity and a serious sin against charity. Certainly those who profit from prostitution, human traffickers, pimps, clients burden themselves with greater guilt than the women, men, children, and young people who sell their bodies, often under duress or in situations of dependence.

Why is the production and consumption of pornography a sin against charity?

Someone who misuses love by detaching human sexuality from the intimacy of a committed, loving relationship between two spouses and turns it
into commercial goods sins seriously. Anyone who produces, buys, or consumes pornographic materials violates human dignity and seduces others to sin. Pornography is a degenerate form of prostitution, for here too there is the suggestion that man can get “love” for money. Models and actors, producers and distributors are equally involved in this serious offense against charity and human dignity. Anyone who consumes pornographic materials, visits pornographic websites, or participates in pornographic events finds himself in the wider circle of prostitution and supports the dirty, billion-dollar business of selling sex. (YOUCAT questions 411-412)

Dig Deeper: CCC section (2523) and other references here.

Prostitution is legal in some countries, while the production, distribution, and consumption of pornography is legal in most. So, society obviously accepts things that are against Catholic teaching. How do we consolidate the truth presented by the world and real Truth? Joseph Ratzinger (now pope emeritus Benedict XVI) has the answer. Ratzinger’s Truth and Tolerance is an invaluable asset to those who struggle to hear the voice of truth in the modern religious world
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