Today is The Feast of The Presentation Of The Lord

Uniting Ourselves with Jesus Presented in the Temple

My child, to serve God diligently and with a pure heart is a safe and happy life. It is a blessed thing to embrace the blissful, lovable Good with all one’s heart. And, believe me, even if there were no reward in the next world, it would be its own reward. Behold, they live on earth but their dwelling is in heaven.

Ah, purity, how beautiful you are! To serve nobody but God, to live for nobody but God: that is true liberty. Tender Lord, lovable Wisdom, it is a great grace to consecrate one’s love to you, to forsake love for the sake of love. To serve you voluntarily is a sweet yoke and a light burden.

Lord, some complain that you give them suffering. Ah, blessed is that suffering which unites the soul to you. Lord, my cherished Spouse, a pure soul finds such delight in one spiritual embrace from you that she forgets all suffering…

Stay close to our Lord Crucified, and often ask him during the day: “My beloved Lord, what are you doing now? Where are you now? Come to me, accompany me, and never permit me to be separated from you.”

Blessed Henry Suso (was a German Dominican priest whose mystical writings focus on divine wisdom and love for Christ’s Passion, entered into Eternal Life in 1366)


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