Happy Mother’s Day!

Saints and mystics have through the centuries identified four transcendent truths. These qualities describe God. They are markers, if you will, that no matter what happens, no matter who says what, we know that God is unchanging, immutable. Reliable.

Surely, we are called to imitate the good Lord. So, dear mothers, your sons and daughters thank you for every kindness. We know that you are exclusively in our corner. You have carried us and you gave us breath. Time and again you have proven yourself. In your heart of hearts, you are that person who cares. With your care, you imitate the eternal virtues of God: beauty, truth, goodness and unity.

In the most practical order, you bring into our lives that lovely room called the nursery, freshly painted alive with color, spotless. Your lullaby brings assurance. Your strength, even on the brink of exhaustion, prepares that place where we know we are safe. Drawing the whole picture together, mother, you insist, don’t you, that every effort be focused on nurturing your new born babe. Anything else to the contrary is dismissed. As your child is drawn into the routine of daily living, we your sons and daughters, often take that glance, that second look for your presence, that nod of reassurance that we are connected, we belong, we belong to you.

Mother’s day simply helps to remember. To Remember Your Mother!

Pray for each of our Mother’s who we celebrate with today…”Our Lady full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee. Blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death. Amen. And we ask all the Mother’s in heaven to pray for each of us…

The above was written by my good friend, Fr. Michael Gerlach, pastor at Saints Simon and Jude parish in West Chester, PA and the below is written by me Mr. Charles A. DeFeo:

I attended Sunday Liturgy this evening at Saints Simon and Jude where Fr. Gerlach presided. The Sunday Liturgy mass on Mother’s Day has become one of my favorites to attend because of the special recognition Mother’s are given during this Mass at most parishes if not all. In most cases a small gift is always presented to all Mother’s as well as the priestly blessing over them. I encourage all Mother’s who read this to make sure they attend the Mass at their respective local parish church and receive the gift and blessing of the priest. Ask Mary, our Blessed Mother to make your heart like her’s in her love for Jesus!

I wish all Mother’s in the world a happy and Blessed Mother’s  day. Especially my mother. Thanks for being you mom! I love you! Your Chas.

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