Holy Boldness – The 11th Commandment

The title of this article is not from me, the author, but inspired by Mother Angelica, who said, Boldness should be the 11th Commandment. Thank you for your inspiring work Mother and may God bless your soul forever as you live in His Heavenly kingdom.

Heterosexual, Homosexual, Trans-gendered or anything else; it makes no difference and none of us have life in us unless and until we submit our wills to the will of The Father, grow in Christ Jesus daily and allow ourselves to be possessed by the Holy Spirit.

I boldly speak the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because I have been called to do so. I am a sinner and my past sins almost, literally, cost me my physical and spiritual life. God enlightened me and granted me an illumination of conscience. My Triune Godhead, through the intercession of particular saints and deceased loved ones, also, literally, saved me and literally called me to share my faith, my life, my experiences and my love for Him with the world.

I must obey God rather than man, even if it causes pain.

God is my rock and my refuge. It is in Him that I trust and find strength.

My beliefs are based on the teachings of the Apostles, who lived with and knew Jesus Christ intimately. These beliefs are carried on and preserved and protected by His Church for some 2000 years. I believe the Church speaks TRUTH so I follow it.

The TRUTH will set us free.

Sin enslaves us and I can say that from personal experience.

Living a chaste and pure sexual life is freedom not restriction. Living a sexually impure life is slavery.

Addicts, who are addicted to anything are slaves, not free.

Anyone who gives in to sexual temptation is not free. Pornography and sex addiction of any kind is not freedom, it is slavery.

Homosexuality, I mean actively living the homosexual lifestyle as opposed to being same sex attracted, but living a chaste life, is slavery, not freedom.

Trans-gendered, which is not homosexuality are men and women who physically appear to be a man or woman on the outside, but believe internally they are the opposite sex. This is my personal definition. I also have been told that the suicide rate of trans-gendered is extremely high.

I have been blessed through my various Apostolates to have met both Trans-gendered and same sex attracted people who are striving for holiness. What a blessing they are in my life! I can vouch personally from this experience as to the trials and tribulations these people suffer.

When society glorifies Homosexuality and Trans-gendered, we are doing great harm and further damage in my opinion instead of speaking truth to all and genuinely trying to help all.

And this is TRUTH –

These are the signs of our times, good is evil and evil is good. If you and I are not liberal and not going along with the liberal agenda, then we are to shut up or we are called bigots.

Again, I say, I must obey God rather than men, regardless of the cost. I will speak truth and live my life for God in the service of others, starting with my own family.

Salvation comes only one way, through Jesus the Christ, our Lord. Whether you or I, whether slave or free, whether man or woman, whether heterosexual, homosexual, trans-gendered or anything else, if you or I are not growing in Christ, then we are not growing and in reality headed in the wrong direction. Growing in Christ does not make us perfect, and does not mean we never sin or make mistakes, but if we are sincerely studying, praying, practicing our faith then we will grow in Christ and we will some day be made perfect and holy as we are called to be.

With Christ all things are possible. Society has practiced sexual freedom since at least the 1960’s. Look where we are, even more, look where we are headed; over a cliff, if you ask me.

I have a dream! Let’s all practice chastity and purity in our sexual lives. Let’s teach our children to do the same from birth. It will be hard work and take time, but I guarantee, the use of drugs and alcohol will decline and the suicide rate will plummet. War will cease! Abortion will end. Our hearts, homes, country and world will be peaceful.

Our hearts are restless until they rest in God!!!

It is Christ who makes all things new and we can do it together as one! As one body in Christ Jesus!

Amen! Alleluia! Are you with me? More importantly, will you seek God’s will for your life, daily!!!

The Holy Spirit empowers us and gives us Holy Boldness to perform the will of the Father in Christ Jesus.

Let’s start walking together to live by faith joyfully every day and if we stumble, arise through the power of God and keep walking into His loving arms!!!

I have been called to share my faith and love for God. I can tell you this. You and I are amazing. God loves you and is crazy about you. I have repented like the prodigal son, how about you?

What are you doing to glorify God and thank Him and praise Him daily?

What have you been called to do? When will you start doing it? If not now, when? If not you, who?

In the name of the Father who created us, The Son who redeemed us and The Holy Spirit who sanctifies us daily. Amen.

God bless you and keep you!!!


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