Pope Francis’ 10 Secrets to Happiness

  1. “Live and let live, that is the first step towards peace and joy.”
  2. Give oneself to others.
  3. “The capacity to move with kindness and humility, the peaceful oasis of life. Old people have this wisdom, they are the memory of a nation. And a nation that does not look after its old people has no future.”
  4. Play with children.
  5. Spend Sundays with family.
  6. Help young people find employment: “Bringing bread home is what gives you dignity.”
  7. Look after nature. “We have to look after creation and we are not doing it. It is one of the greatest challenges we have.”
  8. “Quickly forgetting what is negative is healthy.”
  9. Respect those who think differently. “The Church grows by attraction, not  by proselytism.”
  10. Actively seek peace. “Peace at times gives the impression of stillness, but it is never stillness, it is always an active peace.”

For the full article on Pope Francis’ 10 secrets to happiness click on the link below.


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