How One Man Walks By Faith to Live

Owen B. Douglass, Jr., PhD, CIH from the St. Pius X Men’s faith sharing and Gospel Reflection Group is the author of this article.


When considering the words: “Walk by Faith” – I view myself on a journey accompanied by many friends (including a special guardian angel) as well as others I have yet to know and supported by many friends in the heavenly realm including Jesus, his wonderful mother and many angels and saints.  Many of my friends, especially new ones through our Faith-sharing Group plant seeds of faith that I need to nurture to help me to get to the end of my journey.  The latest seed was a devotion to our Lady’s Seven Sorrows which I am now doing each day.  I just never really thought of the extreme pains that Mary experienced as the Mother of Jesus; my prior focus was only on the joyous times and the great gift she was given by the Father.  However, it is pondering these painful times she experienced that helps link me to her humanity and that of Jesus – it makes it more real, more concrete – it is not abstract or intellectual anymore.  I can now begin to feel and share her pain – tears come to my eyes that I can’t control as I meditate on her sorrows – I view her as my Mother and I have hurt her.  What son wants to hurt his Mom? I have come to realize that my sins not only were responsible for Jesus’ passion and death, but they were also responsible for causing Mary the extreme pain she experienced. I pray each day for the graces not to sin and get closer to the path my journey is taking me.


2 thoughts on “How One Man Walks By Faith to Live

  1. Owen, your tears are a blessed gift. My sins too make me complicit in Christ’s death and his mother’s sorrows. Any suffering that I experience speaks to me of Christ’s suffering. I am honored to share in suffering because it tells me how great Christ’s love is for me by all that he went through.

    Fr. Jim Hutchins

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