A Pro Life Talk, Respect Life

The following piece was given in a talk in October 2016 by John Williamson, Esq., Chairman of The Respect Life Group at St. Pius X, Broomall, PA.

Good morning Everyone:

I thank Father for allowing me to speak today on Respect Life Sunday.  My name is John Williamson and I have been the Respect Life Chairman here at St. Pius for the last 25 years.

Seven and one half years ago I was sitting in my family room reading the biography of Pistol Pete Maravich when I heard a knock at the door.  I saw 2 state Policeman.  I didn’t want to answer the door.

They told me that my son Johnny was in an accident.  I said “Was he alive?”, “No”.

Our World changed immediately.  My wife heard the officers and immediately looked at the picture of the Annunciation which hangs over our bed and said to herself, “Be it done unto me according to your word”.

Our family was devastated.  I could not sleep.  My wife lost perhaps the only person who loved her unconditionally.  My daughter lost her best friend.  She recently told me that she was in a fog for six years.  My son lost his best friend and his best man.

We would not wish this devastation and this heartbreak on any family.  But this happens every day in America to at least 4,000 families as 4,000 Mothers each day give up their children to abortion.  Sooner or later 93% of these Mothers regret their abortion.  Sooner or later 93% of these Mother’s feel the devastation and the heartbreak that our family felt.

Since our son died we have doubled our efforts so that other families do not have to go through this trauma.  We have a 6-point plan to end the tragedy of abortion:

  • Pray
  • Pray in front of an abortion clinic
  • Educate yourself
  • Educate others
  • Vote
  • Be charitable

Pray. Prayers work.  My wife, who I thought would have to be hospitalized, began her recovery, not in therapy, but next door in the chapel praying.  Every woman she has prayed for has become pregnant or has adopted a baby.

Pray in front of an abortion clinic.  Millions of children have died by abortion but thousands of children have been saved when a Mother sees a person praying in front of a clinic and realizes there is hope for her and her child.  I have actually seen a child saved by the late Henry Tenaglia who was praying in front of Crozer Chester Hospital.

Educate yourself. You will be horrified when you learn how an abortion is performed and horrified when you see the size of the young victim.

Educate others.  Once you know the facts, spread the Word.

Vote Pro Life.  Seven old men on the U.S. Supreme Court started this holocaust of 60 million aborted babies and the U.S. Supreme Court will end this holocaust.  Vote Pro Life so that Pro Life justices will be appointed.

Be Charitable.  We have raised over $600,000 since my son died including $18,000 at his funeral.  We have saved over 200 children with these monies.  Now, we can save a child with as little as $500.

Father Kaufman was kind enough to allow the Respect Life Committee to have the second collection and give out roses and baby bottles at the doors of the Church.  Please fill up the bottles with coins and cash and bring them back next week.  Large bills and checks will not be turned down.

Thank you.

God Bless us Everyone, Born and Unborn.

*If anyone wants to donate to the St. Pius X Respect Life Committee, please reach out to me at chasdefeo@yahoo.com.



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