Pro Life America Radio

Pro Life Radio at comes to you live every Thursday evening at 7pm-8pm EST. Go to this website and click listen live, there is always a past show running continuously. If you can tune in during the live broadcast a number will be given out whereby you can text a comment or question that will be read or answered during the live broadcast.

The Pro Life Union of Delaware County is proud to announce the first Pro Life radio station to originate from Delaware County. initiated it’s first broadcast on Thursday, February 25, 2016. The show broadcasts live from Havertown, PA every Thursday night from 7-8pm EST.

We are now the largest Pro Life radio show in America. We hope you will be listening every Thursday night from 7-8pm EST.

Please spread the word! is hosted by John Willamson, Esq. The Pro Life leader of Delaware County, PA and St. Pius X parish in Broomall, PA.

Co-hosts of the show are Tom Clark, Sr., Bernie Long and Charles DeFeo.

Some of our past guests include musicians Charlie Gracie and Ted Meehan; Congressman Pat Meehan, Edel Finnegan, Mike McMonagle, Rick Lacey, St. Pius X pastor emeritus Fr. “Jim” Hutchins, Dr. George Isajiw, past president of Mother’s Home in Darby Don Corcoran and his lovely wife and DRE at St. Pius X, Maryann, Mike and Suzanne Gallagher, Joe Lepera, Archbishop Carroll High School pro life leader and teacher and coach Barry Kirsch, Dr. Anton Raymundo, Dr. Monique Ruberu, Pastor Bill Devlin, The Kingsmen President Mark Houck, Legacy of Life President Marie Joseph, Alpha Care president Karen Hess and Kathy Bond among many others.

This show has also had guests on, one being a retired doctor who is atheist and pro abortion and another a Pro-Choice “Catholic”.

In the coming months and year we are expecting calls from some major Politicians.

See you on the internet radio airwaves Thursday night at 7pm EST!

Pictured is host John Williamson and his family.


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