What Does it Mean to be Pro Life?

Happy Pentecost! The Birthday of the Catholic Church is celebrated today!

I believe I have been inspired by the Holy Spirit in the spirit of Pentecost to write this article, which will be a difficult one to write because many on all sides of the issues may not agree, but I write it because I believe with all my heart, mind and soul I am called to and it is better I please God then man.

The information contained is obtained through much reading, study and prayer as well as personal and private revelation.

For facts and figures I encourage you to read my previous article at https://walkbyfaithtolive.com/2017/05/05/on-abolishing-abortion-the-great-evil-of-our-time/

So, we begin, what does it mean to be Pro Life?

At the outset of this piece let me start by saying I am not sure it’s humanly possible to be truly Pro Life.

I believe and practice brutal honesty! Starting with myself and I encourage you to do same.

Let me explain, to be truly pro life means we need to protect life , all life, at every stage. That rules me out because I eat meat. If you are a gun toter, you are out; if you don’t protect and care for the environment you are out; if you are a racist you are out; if you don’t support immigration and providing safe havens for refugees you are out; if you use artificial contraception you are out; if you engage in or support homosexual sexual activity you are out; if you master-bate you are out; if you are transgender and mutilate body parts you are out; if you drive drunk you are out; if you smoke, use drugs and drink alcohol to excess you are out. If you view pornography, go to strip clubs and partake in prostitution you are out. If you are okay with abortion and euthanasia and the death penalty and war and embryonic stem cell research and invitro-fertilization and the ends justify the means attitude you are definitely out!

There are a number of other things I can mention that would cause you and I to strike out as well.

No need to despair though! I am an optimist and believe the many do not want to inflict harm on anyone. We are fallen creatures and need God and His mercy and thankfully He gives it to us.

Strive for holiness daily and go deeper in faith and learn and follow Church Teaching!

So, what do these terms mean; pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal and many more. I don’t like to use them because they label us and we should not be labelled.

On one hand I could be labeled too liberal as I am opposed to the death penalty, guns, racism and unjust war and I support legal immigration, providing safe haven for refugees and being good steward of the environment.

On the other hand I could be labeled too conservative as I oppose abortion totally and radically for any reason at any stage. I also oppose euthanasia and despise even using that term as well as artificial contraception. I strongly support traditional marriage and capitalism as long as it’s not unfettered.

Maybe rather than use the term pro life we should figure out a way to protect the life of the unborn. Our Constitution states life is to be protected.  So, why are we not protecting life of the unborn? A presidential candidate stated the unborn has no rights. maybe we should change that.

We use this term Pro Life. I consider myself Pro Life but what does it mean.?

I used many examples earlier that would preclude or exclude many from actually being Pro Life.

The term pro life is not found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, however abortion and euthanasia are and I encourage all to read sections 2270-2275 on abortion and sections 2276-2279 on euthanasia.

In the Bible we have Deuteronomy 30:15-20 and Jeremiah 1:5 among many other passages in support of Life.

I believe in protecting human life from moment of conception until natural death and everywhere in between. I am not in favor of harming an animal but I do eat meat. I would not harm an insect unless it’s in my dwelling.

To those who accuse pro lifers of being anti woman –

Those who say pro lifers are anti woman are wrong. Explain that one to me? If you are okay with abortion then you are anti woman as half of the babies killed are woman and are you really helping the mother, who is a woman? Is abortion really giving the woman her best and what she needs?!

On other issues –

Artificial contraception and any sexual activity or intercourse between those of the opposite sex or same sex that does not promote or welcome life is anti life so that is what I mean in my description earlier on what it means to be pro life. Same sex sex can never promote or welcome life so it goes against life or contracepts it. Sex should be reserved for marriage. Sex between opposite sex people whether married or not who use contraception also goes against life.

I encourage all to read and promote and encourage NFP (Natural Family Planning) between married people and also encourage all to refrain from sex until married.

Pornography, masterbation, strip clubs and prostitution are all a giant NO. Never! Ever! Let’s just say no to that entire industry and never watch or go to it and shut all those places down because no one ever goes there because none of it promotes life!

Maybe we should use the term promote life instead of pro life.

We, as human beings need to change and we need to protect human life at all stages starting in the mother’s womb.

We also need to be bold. We need to discuss this and share articles like this with others , especially our children.

That may be the best thing we can do and maybe the best way to explain what pro life means – helping others live and become the best version of himself or herself and all that God created him or her to be.

God bless you and thanks for reading and sharing this with others.

Eat and drink healthy, exercise, sleep and enjoy pure relationships with family and friends!

Educate yourself! Pray! Act!

If you need help in any of these areas go to the link below to find the resource you need –


Other articles on what it means to be pro life I encourage you to read –








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