I Stand With Church Teaching!

I tell my children to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

We live in a culture of half truths, don’t judge me and stay quiet in your beliefs and this is wrong thinking and living and damaging to society.

You are either all in or all out, there is no halfway!

I am all in!

Cafeteria Catholicism and Cafeteria Christianity has caused our country great damage!

When you say or believe I agree with this but don’t agree with that because it’s too hard you are done!

You follow the Church teaching all the way or you don’t but please don’t halfway it.

The Church teaching makes perfect sense in doctrine – for instance, the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and all the Sacraments, The perpetual Virginity of Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mother of God, The Sacraments (God’s grace in us), the Priest as In Persona Christi, Marriage and Human Sexuality!

When all this is believed and practiced peace and order reign in society , when it’s thrown out the window, we have chaos as we are witnessing now.

The Church is the moral voice of God!

Virtue means highest moral good! We need more men and women of virtue! Being a so called good person is not enough! What does that even mean and who or what defines what or who is good?! Does anyone want to be called bad for crying out loud!?

We are called to something more than “good”! We are called to live lives of heroic virtue! All of us! Everyone!

Just like I trust my mechanic to take care of my car, and my doctor in medicine and my lawyer in law and my TV or computer repairman to fix my TV or computer,

I trust my Magisterium or Church Heirarchy in Moral matters.

Are priests sinners? Yes, have some perpetrated evil? Yes. Are mechanics, doctors, lawyers, repairmen sinners? Yes, have some perpetrated evil? Yes.

It doesn’t mean these sinful people suddenly don’t know mechanics or medicine or law or how to fix a product.

The priest being a sinner does not change the institution or doctrine of Church and allow you to separate from Church or Church teaching.

The Teaching is sound! Read Humana Vitae for instance. It’s very sound and truthful.

So, to leave the Catholic Church because a priest molested a child is not sound! Why would you leave the Eucharist and everything else GOOD about Catholicism?! The only way I can see you doing so is because you never really believed in the TRUE PRESENCE in the first place and you never really believed the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the first place. So, leaving is a cop out or excuse.

You have a right to boycott or protest a priest who has committed serious sin, but even he must be forgiven if he truly repents, assuming he is truly guilty. You have a right to boycott or protest Church Heirarchy who cover up any wrongdoing and work for reform and demand it even! You are allowed to email your local Bishop you know or your local pastor and discuss your concerns and encourage transparency but for goodness sake,

Please do not give up The Eucharist and Sacrament of Reconciliation! It’s God’s life in us!

The overwhelming number of many priests are GOOD!

It takes discipline, effort, obedience, submission of our wills to the will of God and the teachings of the Church but it’s worth it and the right thing.

Nothing worth anything in life comes easy and I for one, will walk over burning coals so as not to be separated from The Eucharist, it’s Holy Communion with Jesus! And by the grace of God, I dare not ever receive Holy Communion unworthily! If I do, or even think I have, I run to the Sacrament of Confession and tell it to the In persona Christi man who stands In the person of Christ! I hope and pray you do same!

Please click on link below to read the prayer before mass written by St. Thomas Aquinas and after you read it scroll down and click on the link to the right – prayer of thanksgiving after mass.

Never despair, never lose hope, never lose faith and keep on loving in the holy name of Jesus!



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