Oremus Communications December 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
As we now begin a new Liturgical Year, we are mindful of the Great Feast Days that are yet to come during the
Advent Season: the Feast of The Immaculate Conception (December 8th), the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
(December 12th), of course Christmas Day on December 25th without which we would have never been saved
from our sins, and the Feast of Mary, the Holy Mother of God on January 1, 2018.
There is another Feast Day that has special significance for Oremus Communications (OC). As you know, OC is
very supportive of the Right to Life Movement, and therefore, we are ever mindful of the Feast of the Holy
Innocents on December 28th since it represents the power of evil to take advantage of the poor and defenseless
children. We are even more mindful this year because of an event that took place on Sunday, November 19th.
The Pro Life Union of Greater Philadelphia at its 36th Annual Stand Up for Life Dinner with more than 1300
supporters in attendance featured a guest speaker, Mrs. Melissa Ohden. Melissa, who is the Founder of Abortion
Survivors Network and an advocate for women, men and children impacted by abortion was herself a survivor of a
late term abortion in 1977. Her story was so compelling and inspirational that many in attendance shed more than
a tear or two. Everyone including all of us from OC came away from that dinner and speech with renewed energy
to help save the lives of pre-born children and all segments of the life spectrum.
Another reason OC will be extra attentive to the Feast of Holy Innocents will be the 50th anniversary of the
Encyclical, Humanae Vitae in July of 2018. Humanae Vitae represents church teachings on such matters as the
regulation of human reproduction. All too often, in the past, many people have disregarded Pope Paul VI and his
Encyclical for a variety of reasons, none of which are in conformity with catholic teaching. Pope Paul VI stated,
unequivocally, that artificial means of birth control are never permissible to regulate human reproduction, but left
the door open for responsible Catholics to use natural family planning as a means of birth control. Since then,
there have been many advances in knowledge about Natural Family Planning, and OC intends to promote church
teaching on the matter of human reproduction including the moral correctness of Natural Family Planning in the
year to come.
Our lineup of guest co-hosts on Oremus Communications Family Rosary Program (OCFRP) includes the
following: Mr. Carl Malburg, Guardian of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima who will be
with us on Tuesday, December 12. On Friday, December 22, our good friend Charlie DeFeo, renowned author and
member of the Lay Dominicans will be with us to talk about the Season of Advent.
We certainly hope that you can join us in prayer on these special dates as well as on other occasions
throughout the days and weeks to come, as we continue to strive to make a spiritual difference. Have a Merry and
Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year from OREMUS COMMUNICATIONS
p.s. Visit our website at http://www.oremuscomms.com for details including how to “listen live” to our programs, and
how to access the archived copies of each program.

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