Statement on the Scandal from The Kings Men – September 6, 2018

TKM Statement on the Scandal, September 6, 2018

It has become evidently clear to us that our apostolate must join the many voices in the Catholic Church who are responding to the current crisis and recent clerical sex abuse scandal.   The concerns presented from those we serve through our weekly men’s groups, retreats and program offerings calls for a statement on the position of The King’s Men concerning these grave matters.

In no uncertain words or ambiguity, let it be known and understood by all, that The King’s Men publicly and privately condemns and denounces the abuse of children and adults, by those representing the Catholic Church, whether from the clergy or laity.  Those who have abused men, women, and children along with those who knowingly endangered their lives by deliberately withholding information about the abuse and failing to report this data to those who have jurisdiction over such crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Those who have irresponsibly kept secret or enabled any members of the Church to continue their abusive behavior should be removed from their position and role within the Church and submit to the criminal implications relative to their crimes.

The King’s Men reaffirm our mission towards the building of all men as true leaders, protectors and providers through our education, formation, action and healing programs.  We reaffirm our commitment to protecting women, children and the common good.  We also recommit to defending those who cannot speak for themselves, including the pre-born child, and especially those who have long been shamed and silenced as victims of physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual and sexual abuse.  We recommit to fighting cultural evils such as abortion and pornography.  We recommit to defending traditional marriage and declaring that every child deserves a mother and a father.  We recommit to encouraging and walking with men who struggle with same-sex attraction to find authentic brotherhood, support in living a chaste life and ultimately towards their healing and freedom.

The King’s Men will continue to pray daily and frequently fast for the healing of our Church, the victims of sexual abuse, the perpetrators of the abuse, and for the restoration and rebuilding of trust among the people of God with the Church.

Mark J. Houck

Founder & President

Justin Harper

Director of Operations & Development

I stand with The Kings Men – Charles DeFeo

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