Prayer for Everyday, and for Peace and for the Virtues of Penance, Purity, Fidelity and Charity

O God who exalted the world through the humiliation of your Son, grant that I may humble myself, renounce the things of this earth and die to the pomps and vanities of life through the mediation of St. Dominic.

Help me, my Father St. Dominic to seek always the glory of God, to direct all my affections and desires to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, to live always in God and to fulfill His WILL as manifested  in His commandments and in the duties of my state of life.

Grant me the grace to die to the things of the earth and to work earnestly for the acquisition of the imperishable and eternal goods.

May all my thoughts, words and deeds be dedicated to my last end, and may there be no other love than that of paradise during my sojourn  in this land of exile.

May I seek only the glory of heaven, and, imitating your virtues and with your protection may I possess God in the end and enjoy His vision for all eternity. Amen.

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