Purity Comes Through Holy Communion

The Basic Book of The Eucharist by Fr. Lawrence Lovasik

Gain Protection from Sin

“…Our Lord protects your soul from mortal sin by giving you more sanctifying grace in Holy Communion, God’s very life in your soul.” Pg. 121

“Through Holy Communion you also receive actual grace, which gives you the light to see what is evil and the strength you need to fight against it. In this way, your soul is strengthened against temptation.” Pg. 121

“Just as bodily food repairs what you lose by daily wear and tear, so likewise this divine food is a remedy for the spiritual infirmities of each day….As those who are ill should visit the doctor and take his medicine, so also the Catholic who feels his own weakness and is fearful of being unable to persevere in well-doing is the one person above all others who has need of frequently, even daily, receiving the Body of Jesus Christ.” Pg. 122

“Jesus is the Physician of your soul who can keep you from the spiritual death of mortal sin and cure you of the spiritual sickness of venial sin. But if you ignore the Savior and neglect Holy Communion, your soul will remain spiritually sick. Take advantage of the visit of Jesus in Holy Communion so that He may preserve your soul from the greatest evil in the world: sin.” Pg. 122

“St. Ignatius of Loyola said, ‘One of the most admirable effects of Holy Communion is to preserve souls from falling, and to help those who fall from weakness to rise again; therefore, it is much more profitable frequently to approach this Divine Sacrament with love, respect, and confidence than to keep back from an excess of fear and cowardice.’” Pg. 122

“St. Ignatius adds, ‘Of the gifts of grace which the soul receives in the Eucharist, one must be counted among the highest; the Eucharist does not allow the soul to remain long in sin or to persist in it obstinately.’” Pg. 122

Purity comes through Holy Communion

“The sacramental effect of Holy Communion, which is traced to the physical contact it establishes between Christ and us, is the lessening of our inordinate desire for sexual pleasure. Sex and the pleasure which is involved with sex are good and holy things. Yet, since the Fall, we find ourselves drawn to an unlawful pursuit or enjoyment of this pleasure.” Pg. 122

“One of the sacramental effects of Holy Communion is gradually to rectify this disorder. Christ, looking upon our bodies as part of His own Mystical Body, will watch over them with a special providence, and will be more eager to help in times of temptation to control and weaken these inordinate desires.” Pg. 123

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