A Pebble In My Shoe

There is a pebble in my shoe

How it got there I know not how

I was simply taking a walk today and it popped in

I don’t like it and it annoys me so

I want it to go away

I cannot think while it is in my shoe

I have heard that saints have worn hair shirts and practiced mortification

Out of love for God

Maybe God put this pebble in my shoe to remind me of His great love and sacrifice

I think I will leave it as a little reminder of His great love and sacrifice for me

It’s the least I can do in offering a little piece of me to Him

Maybe He can even use it to aid another soul who may be suffering here now or

Beyond the curtain we call purgatory

Yes, I think I will let it stay and offer it up and give thanks for it whenever it pops in

It’s such a little inconvenience really and makes me think of HIM

And all the saints that have walked before me and walked for HIM

Thank you Lord for the pebble in my shoe

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