An Unjust Law Is No Law At All

End Abortion, now! Together, let’s make it unthinkable! UNITED! NOT DIVIDED!

For those who do not believe in God, The Father and almighty creator, and God, the Son, Lord, King, Savior, and God, the Holy Spirit, advocate and guide then no explanation can be provided to satisfy you and for those who do believe no explanation is needed but I will explain anyway.

A message to all politicians; Presidents, Presidents-elect, Vice-Presidents, Vice-Presidents-elect, Senators, members of the House of Representatives, Governors, legislators, mayors, state and local town politicians, clergy, laity, all –

What is it you seek?

Equality? End to racism? Climate control? Population control? Immigration reform? No more war? No more death penalty? No more arrests? No more differences between man and woman? No more marriage? Petri dish babies and meat? Power?

I ask again, What is it you seek?

Everything you and I seek is contained in our Triune Godhead three in ONE! THEE!

Our hearts are restless until they rest in THEE!!!!

And this THEE is LOVE! This THEE is life itself, eternally!

Lowliness, humility, sacrifice and self denial are the path to THEE; and yes, hard is the way and narrow is the gate to THEE!

But, never lose hope’ with THEE, all things are possible.

And, this is how we get there – to THEE – to PEACE – END ABORTION, NOW!

THEE told us all evil and malice stem from the heart and proceed outward,

St. Theresa of Calcutta, who ministered to the poorest of the poor told us the greatest poverty is abortion, and, when we allow the mother to take the life of her own child…how sad beyond belief.

Let’s stop hiding behind these insidious terms – reproductive rights, women’s rights, racism, climate control, population control, immigration reform among others.

Peace will only reign when we end abortion, and, make it unthinkable!

Everything starts at the beginning, hence the alpha; the moment of conception is the beginning. If we end life at the beginning we are lost and woe is us no matter how much technology we have nor how much education and science we have, and, science proves life begins at the beginning.

Let’s have the courage to stop this atrocity and genocide; there is no pandemic in the history of mankind that compares to this atrocity and genocide as 2.5 billion lives have been lost to this the most heinous atrocity and genocide in the history of mankind. Let that sink in.

Let this sink in too – you and I are responsible and will be held accountable!!!!

So, what are you and I going to do about it, ending abortion?!

Start by praying, praying in front of an abortion center, educate yourself, educate others, be charitable in giving your time, talent and treasure to the cause and write, call, email and talk to all politicians on every level to ask they end abortion.

Tell our young, with God’s help and ours, they can save themselves for marriage. Abortion simply does not happen within the sanctity of marriage. Let’s proclaim the sanctity of marriage and help our married in every way in having children naturally!

Let’s, all of us, stop turning our heads, looking the other way and pretending!!!!

All those ridiculous terms I mention above are born out of the fruit of a rotten apple, meaning politicians and others have been bought at a price of blood, and I don’t mean, but wish I did, the blood of the lamb, who by His blood, purchased all of us at great price. But in this case here is what I mean, blood money, and, the blood of the martyrs are crying out. Planned Parenthood and other organizations have lined the pockets of the politicians to the tune of multi-millions of dollars to create these terms to soften murder and evil, to look the other way, to call good evil and evil good!

Ponder this – how many females have been slaughtered in the womb? How many human beings of color have been slaughtered in the womb? The answer is millions upon millions, so then, who is really protecting women? Who is really protecting people of color? Pro Lifers, that’s who.

Only our good and great Lord, one in three and THEE can calm the stormy seas; I don’t see man being able to do this. The climate has changed since the beginning of the creation of earth and science proves it, and, it will change again no matter what we do so why worry and why spend billions on trying?

One, yes, we should be good stewards of God’s great green earth, but let God handle the rest. Two, immigration is complicated and yes, we should allow immigrants to enter legally as did my own and many of our ancestors. Three, Racism is very wrong and we are all God’s children, this hate begins in the womb as does social justice which also begins in the womb as do women’s rights which also begins in the womb! As do any human being’s rights which begin in the womb! So when you disregard the rights of those in the womb you disregard the peace of mankind and become an enemy of God and natural law!

Do not take the life of the human being at the very beginning nor at the very end. Life begins naturally and ends naturally; that is the way God designed it plus it’s natural law, so why do we? Why do we think we are God and play God and determine these outcomes? Ponder this, but know it’s because sin entered the world, it’s called concupiscence.

Let’s encourage women from birth to become all that God has created her to be and let’s encourage men from birth to become all that God has created him to be, and, let’s protect the family unit and marriage. It’s called striving for holiness! Pray for the desire to want to become more holy!

How can we possibly be a civilized society of we murder life in the womb, how can we ever be at peace if we allow this to continue? We can’t!

Guns don’t murder, people do! We are committing murder in the womb!

We must exercise self control and it’s not possible without God’s help as it is a fruit of The Holy Spirit!

The person on death row who is truly guilty of murder, made his or her decision when they took the life of another. I am against the death penalty, however, his or her life is not the most vulnerable like the child in the womb who also has no voice and the death row inmate has many legal voices that can stand up for him or her. The innocent child in the womb has none so we must be that voice for this child!

The pregnant woman and the man with her, made the choice to have sex and yes there are consequences to having sex and one is pregnancy. That little baby made by the act of sex and God’s hand and grace is a separate and unique human being with his or her own unique DNA, science proves this, science is on our side, the right side, the side of life, science is under God’s sovereignty.

Racism was magnified in the USA during the period whereby slavery was legal. Was this an unjust law? Yes. Was it ended, yes.

Therefore, abortion, which is legal in the USA and elsewhere is also an unjust law and must end if we are to experience true and lasting peace in our hearts, homes, country and world and the turmoil that all these other issues bring about will never end until we end it and all by the peace that should be experienced in the womb, which should be the safest place on earth.

Let’s all together, glorify God in business and life while helping others along the way starting at the moment of natural conception until the moment of natural death and everywhere in between.

God Bless Us All, Everyone! Born and Unborn!

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