A Call To All Christians…And Non-Christians…To All Those Who Have Recourse And To All Those Who Do Not Have Recourse…To Come Home!

Lord Open My Lips And My Mouth Will Proclaim Your Praise!

My sacrifice to God is a contrite spirit.

— A humble, contrite heart, O God, you will not spurn.

This piece will be graphic and disliked by the devil, the flesh and the world but I train daily to obey God rather then man. The Latin meaning of obey is to listen and the Latin meaning of absurd is deaf. So let’s listen and not be deaf! The Lord says I desire mercy not sacrifice. When I think of Mercy I think of Grace, which is God’s life in us. Another way to view mercy is showing compassion or forgiveness instead of punishment or harm. This does not mean everything and anything goes and all is forgiven. This does not mean there will be no justice. So with this in mind I write this with all mercy, compassion and love because mercy in essence is truth and if I don’t proclaim truth now then I will be in big trouble when I stand before God and in reality it is an act of mercy when I do proclaim truth so as not just myself but others may have a chance to repent, which means turning to God, the true God. I would rather please God then man. To me prayer and repentance are very close relatives as prayer is simply raising our minds and hearts to God and repentance is turning to God or facing God! I hope this makes sense. Prayer and Repentance is rooted in Humility. Everything GOOD is rooted in humility and everything is grace! (Please read – https://www.vatican.va/archive/ccc_css/archive/catechism/p4s1.htm)


Okay, so here we go! Everyone please come home! I am told there are about 40,000 denominations of Christianity and I read in a newspaper this morning that Methodist Conservatives reveal breakaway plans. I don’t like the terms conservative and progressive. I would like to use the term God’s children for all of us. The only thing I pray we desire to progress toward is paradise with Jesus Christ! I love Jesus and hope you do to!

Ever since Martin Luther in 1517 nailed his grievances to the door of the church and later was excommunicated Christianity continues to splinter exponentially. This is not good and I encourage all to read Jesus’ unity prayer to The Father in The Gospel of John chapter 17.

Here is my plea to Christians who move from one denomination to another or who look for a non denominational church – COME HOME!!!! I also pray Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics, Atheists and everyone else come home. All people of good will, please come home.

What do I mean come home? Come Home means come into the Catholic Church, founded in 33 AD! It’s not a denomination! It’s ONE, HOLY, UNIVERSAL, APOSTOLIC! It has the Bible and so much more! Read The Gospel of John chapter 6 prayerfully. It comes from the beginning of Genesis and all creation was moving toward it from the beginning and I love my Catholicism to much not to share it and not to desire all to come into it and I ask all of you to pray the litany of humility now, here – https://www.ewtn.com/catholicism/devotions/litany-of-humility-245

The Catholic Church is not flawed, it is the body of Christ! The people in the Catholic Church are flawed, including Popes, Bishops, Priests, all clergy and laity alike, however, The Catholic Church is alive, a living and breathing entity, as is the Bible. The Catholic Church has the Sacraments, which are also alive and instituted by Christ. The priest is in the person of Christ, In Persona Christi! Sacrament means a sensible sign, an outward sign, instituted by Christ, that gives grace inwardly. Since grace is God’s life in us what is better than that? NOTHING!

Personally speaking the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion are my oxygen, water and food to my soul and I cannot nor would I want to love without this. There is no magic, only grace. And this grace is a process over a lifetime. We are to be simply receptive to grace! Over time, and even instantaneously, it will change you and me for the GOOD and The Better!

You get everything as a Catholic! EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE! I encourage all to read letters from St. Clement I, St. Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, Justin the Martyr and Iraneus. All lived in the 1st and 2nd Century just after our Lord Jesus lived, died and rose from the dead and all came in the time period of The Apostles or just after the Apostles and all are authentically Catholic and you will see it and feel it in what they wrote! It’s awesome and Divinely inspired and no coincidence, only Godcidence! I love you to much not to share this. I am still growing and a work in progress and will be as long as I am vertical.

We have Jesus’ MOM and earthly Dad too! Mary, most holy and St. Joseph, the just man. Why would we dismiss them?! We have the Apostles including Mary Magdalene and the early church fathers as I mention above as well as the desert fathers and mothers, and, Ambrose, Augustine, Jerome, Gregory the Great! Anthony of The Desert, Athanasius, John Chrysostom, Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory Nazianzus. Then there is St Benedict, Aquinas, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Dominic, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Theresa of Jesus and St. Theresa of The child Jesus, St. Theresa of Calcutta and so many more; a treasure trove and a multitude more who walked in the footsteps of Christ and all pointing to Christ, not to himself nor herself!

Read the words in Scripture our Blessed Mother Mary states from her own lips, Divinely inspired, especially from the Gospel of Luke, chapter 1 and John 2:3-5, what I call her signature line – DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU – He being her son Jesus. So think of Mary as that magnifying glass you used as a little kid to magnify things and amaze you. She simply magnifies the Lord, not herself! And she is amazing!

There is so much more I get giddy actually and call it the never ending Beauty of Catholicism, ever ancient and ever new! It’s not me though, it’s grace, God in me, and that is the only explanation because I can do NOTHING apart from HIM! NOTHING! His majesty makes me realize how small I am, but yet it’s His Divinity that raises my humanity! HOW AWESOME!?


Discipline, self denial, sacrifice and penance. Words that may scare but are necessary and purifying. There is no resurrection without the cross, and our Good and Great Lord Jesus led the way! Nothing, even in the material world comes without discipline, self denial and sacrifice – simply look at the pro athlete, CEO of a company or anyone who has worldly power, wealth, fame – much if not all the time there is a cost to attain greatness and it is not always sunshine and roses to get there; in reality it is quite often blood, sweat, toil and tears but all these people at the so called top will almost always say it is or was worth it. It’s all nice and can be good or bad but why not turn our focus to the other worldly things, for instance having the title Dr., or Esquire, or Ph.D., or CEO or a host of other letters before or after your name which are all nice and note accomplishment in this world, how about if all of us refuse to settle for anything less then SAINT by the end of our lives. Let’s start now. How do we do it? Well we can’t do it alone; we need God, we need the Church and we need each other and we need holiness, which only comes from God sanctifying us, so like purifying us and allowing ourselves to be purified. Now, some will say, you Catholics, what about what some of your priests and bishops have done, yes, there has been evil done. Some will say the church is racist or homophobic or something else, well, maybe some of the people in the church are, and I pray not, but the Church, which includes you and me, with Christ as our head, is none of this, and is simply holy. So, let’s stop making excuses and holding ourselves back from holiness, which is godliness. Let’s explore some things that hold us back. Yes, it’s true a sacramental marriage is indissoluble, yes, it’s true there is no same sex marriage, yes, it’s true artificial contraception is a grave sin, as is fornication, adultery, viewing pornography, alcoholism, drug use, out of control gambling, lying, cheating, stealing, complaining, judging, disrespecting parents and so on. Christ never said our Church will be all sunshine and roses continually. He did say pick up your cross daily and follow me, Luke 9:23. Christ did say hard is the way and narrow is the gate, Matthew 7:13-14. Strive for this narrow gate, please, it’s worth it. I have never been so joyful, even after experiencing hardships. You can do it, but you cannot do it alone. Pray, asking the Lord to help you do it and show you how to do it and to bring others into your life to accompany you. So for those of you who hate Scripture, especially these scripture passages I share, realize and admit you hate Jesus, as ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. But you can turn around and learn and train to love Scripture and live it. The Catholic Church will help you. The truth hurts sometimes, and I learned the hard way as many of us do. I have my compulsions to the point of addiction that I have and can only overcome by grace, and by surrendering myself only to the grace of Christ, and they ebb and flow, meaning I can be on a great and holy path for days, weeks, months and even years and the second I let my guard down I will fall, but take courage and hope as we have what Christ set up for us, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and I run to it, often, to keep on the correct path instead of falling, and I encourage you to go as well, and go often! You may also be one to say, I am a good person and just going to do it my way, and God understands and will forgive me. No where in Scripture does it say this so do you really want to take that chance? I would like to add that Scripture states many things so don’t hang your hat on one or 2 or 3 verses but take scripture in its entirety but I do particularly like another passage that goes like this, to those who have more, more will be given. I don’t view this in the material but believe that those who have more addiction, compulsion, trauma, or attracted to things not of God, that those who can repent, and turn around, metanoia, as its called, those have the greatest triumph awaiting them. This is just my belief. Also, the poorest of the poor and those who suffer in this life. So if all of these people turn to God, accept Christ as Lord of his/her life, practice the faith and live catholic then WOW! What a homecoming it will be. So the addict, who gives up the addiction for Christ. The divorced as well as the married and the single , who lays down his/her life for Christ, the same sex attracted who says no I want Christ more and will not live this lifestyle, the person who chooses Christ over anything or anyone they are attracted to, and truly allows his or her heart to be transformed will experience the peace of Christ beyond any ‘feeling’ because what we are really doing is following our feelings and we need to train ourselves and it takes time and help from others to follow God’s will, and yes, we will be better off. We are not promised happiness in this life, and if we make happiness, which is fleeting, our pursuit or even our God we will be up and down like a yo-yo and that is the worst thing we can do. Don’t be all over the place with your feelings but rather be steadfast in your commitment and covenant to Christ and His Church!

As I stated earlier, anything worthwhile we would like to achieve is usually if not always difficult to get to and it’s a process so start today by asking God to change your heart to move it toward Him and Him alone, as the saints did, ask God for the desire to want to do this because everything, both good and bad, starts with or from the desire of our hearts so we must want to, desire to, redirect the desire of our heart to be for the Lord Jesus and only Him.

By doing this you are not only doing the better part but the ONLY part! It’s the only way for me. Make it the only way for you! Only you Jesus! And when you make it only Jesus, everything else comes with HIM!!!!

God Bless you on your journey and know I am praying for you! Please pray for me!

Live Truth! Live Catholic!

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