The Cross and The Family Jesus Mary and Joseph

The Holy Family had personal and family crosses. But they placed their trust and faith in God, that God would bring the greatest good from their crosses. Pick up your cross. Follow and trust in God to see the good from your crosses. The Cross of Jesus brought the opening of the gates of heaven, forgiveness of original sin and a place in eternity with God, but you must carry your cross and live the word of God,. Work and pray to rid the world of abortion and contraception; to restore the dignity of life from conception to God’s time for death; for the forgiveness and love for all members of Christ’s family and yours, so all can live in peace. Pray for the healing and unity of all families. May Christ have mercy and bless our families.

An image of a cross was received by someone praying the Rosary at St. Martin’s Roman Catholic Church and the cross was given in Medjugorje to that same person. The cross had the Holy Family at the foot with Jesus in the manger and God, The Father, on The Cross holding Christ crucified with the Holy Spirit above His head in the shape of a dove. This person was led to believe that the cross and the family go together for salvation. What matters is not what crosses we receive but how we carry them and offer them to God. If we offer them to God they become lighter and if we fight them they will become harder to bear. When we place our trust in Christ we come closer to Him and His mercy.

Jesus I trust in You!


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