Response to Pro Life America Radio June 17, 2021 Broadcast Request

Hi, my name is Charles DeFeo and I am a regular listener and contributor to PLAR. I was unable to listen to your June 17 live broadcast but did listen afterwards. Thanks for another great show and I would like to reply to your ask on the live broadcast whereby you asked listeners to call or email with a one word reply to the 17 year old female valedictorian’s speech at her high school’s graduation ceremony whereby she expressed her sadness over the Texas passage of the heartbeat bill after a woman is 6 weeks pregnant and she further claimed no one has a right to take away a women’s right to kill her baby or something to that affect.

First off I congratulate Texas and thank God for them passing this heartbeat bill.

Second, to answer your question in one word – SAD!

Sad, that a high school educated student and valedictorian to boot thinks it’s okay to commit murder!

Sad, that anyone thinks a woman has a right to kill her own child!

Sad, that the man has been completely pushed aside in this decision; as it is not possible for a woman to become pregnant without man!

Sad, that parents and grandparents encourage their own child to kill a child in the womb who is their child or grandchild!

Sad, that we would view an “unwanted” pregnancy as a burden instead of a joy!

Sad, that the health class curriculim in any school would state it’s okay to have sex outside of the marital bond if you love the other person as long as you use contraception! Obviously they have no idea what love is…which is total sacrifice and total giving of one to another! Instead, every high school curriculim and especially every Catholic High School in America and the world should be teaching Pope St. John Paul II’s Theology of the body and every Catholic man and woman of any age should read and familiarize himself or herself with the papal document Humana Vitae.

Sad, that marriage is not held up as sacred and so many choose to live together like a marriage but without any marital commitment.

Sad, that we even call this a right to choose or rather my body my choice when in reality you made the choice to have sex outside of marriage not caring about the consequence of pregnancy nor contracting an STD. What about the choice of the child in the womb who has a separate and unique DNA?

Sad, that a lost culture resorts to incest and rape to get their way to abortion when indeed why should we impose a second trauma on a woman who is already traumatized from a heinous violent crime and then we inflict a double blow by destroying the life growing in her womb, this makes no sense not to mention those who get pregnant from these heinous acts accounts to less than 1% of all pregnancies.

Sad, that the culture believes it’s better to abort the child in the womb than let the child live and put the child up for adoption when so many wonderful couples will be glad to adopt.

Sad, that a culture believes abortion is birth control and that’s okay.

Sad, that doctors no longer live the hippocratic oath and protect life from womb to tomb as they should be and so many have no understanding nor any knowledge of what NaPro Technology and Natural Family Planning is when in fact every doctor in my humble opinion should not even be allowed to get a medical license until each and every one is trained in this area.

Sad, that even though we pro lifers have science on our side as the ultra sound proves and shows the life in the womb we as a society still don’t care and cower to the fact that a “woman’s right to choose” trumps the childs life in the womb.

Sad, that we live in such a sick and twistedly evil culture that we have lost all contact with sanity and truth and we use these twisted words like a woman’s right to choose, reproductive rights, birthing person to enact an evil they call good.

SAD, SAD, SAD is the only one word answer I can think of to your question.

But, there is always an antidote because we pro lifers are people of faith, hope and love and we carry on with the love of Jesus in our hearts in the face of all obstacles and the one word antidote is MERCY!

So to the valedictorian who gave this speech and to all those who agree with her I ask you to reconsider what you are doing and have MERCY on the child in the womb with the MERCY our good and great Lord Jesus will shower on you if you repent!

You have my permission to read and/or share this on your next broadcast.

Peace be with you and all,

Charles DeFeo

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