Prayer of Saint Vincent Ferrer

We can give glory and consolation to our Lord, as well as
an appropriate tribute to our brothers, Vincent and
Louis, if we would make Vincent’s prayer our own:

Good Jesus, let me be penetrated with love to the very marrow of
my bones, with fear and respect toward You; let me burn with zeal
for Your honor, so that I may resent terribly all the outrages
committed against You, especially those of which I myself have
been guilty. Grant further, O my God, that I may adore and
acknowledge You humbly as my Creator, and that, penetrated
with gratitude for all Your benefits, I may never cease to render
You thanks. Grant that I may bless You in all things, praise and
glorify You with a heart full of joy and gladness, and that, obeying
You with docility in every respect, I may one day, despite my
ingratitude and unworthiness, be seated at Your table together
with Your holy angels and apostles to enjoy ineffable delights.
Amen. (The Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer)

St Vincent Ferrer and St. Louis Bertrand who followed St. Vincent and emulated him, pray for us!!!!

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