The short inspiring documentary film – Together We Ken! – debuted during the 15th Anniversary of The Kings Men event on August 28, 2021 to a private crowd of over 100 people. The reception and feedback was and continues to be tremendous garnering tears and emotions and a selection by the Delco Film Festival 2021 and we are most appreciative and grateful. This film has been covered in prayer for over 2 years, the length of time it has taken to be completed, in part due to the pandemic of 2020-21. However, we know our good Lord has a plan and will use it for whatever He wishes and all we desire is to glorify Him and help others.

Please watch it by clicking on the link below and it can be found on other pages of this site and share it. You can also click on the thumbs up if you like it. The film is only 23 minutes and plays much faster.

God Bless Us All! Everyone!!!!

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