Pick Up Your Cross Daily and Fight The Good Fight

As followers of Christ we are called to pick up our cross daily and follow him no matter what the cost.

We are called to sacrifice and make reparations for sin and accept inconveniences persecution and sufferings.

We are called for greatness not mediocrity.

We are called to name claim and team sin in our lives and root it out and it can only be done by through and in the sacrament of reconciliation which Christ instituted not man and we must go often to receive God‘s grace in it.

Too many people, way too many people believe they are a good person and will say they believe in God and are spiritual but will not practice the faith.

In addition they will point the finger at someone else especially the clergy and say see they are hypocrites why should I go to church? This is very wrong thinking and this is not love of Christ this is not love of the Eucharist and the sacraments of the Catholic Church that he instituted.

Too many say God made me this way or that way or I love this person so it’s OK for me to have sex with him or her outside of the sacred bond of marriage between one man and one woman.

This is false and wrong thinking this is not following Christ nor putting on the mind of God and transforming ourselves which we are called to do every day. (See Romans 12:2).

It’s OK to struggle and it’s OK to be tempted and it’s OK to admit your weakness and know that you can always call on our Lord and His Church. The Church is called mother for good reason so we must go to our mother and we need our Blessed mother Mary (TheoTokas) the mother of Jesus and the mother of God now more than ever. Go to her!

The end never justify the means for any reason. Yes it may be difficult and it may be hard but we must never forget that Jesus out of his own mouth said narrow is the gate and hard is the way to him and to his kingdom. We must fight to get through that narrow gate, we must fight ourselves, we must fight for our interior life; peace and holiness every second of the day and never compromise with sin and never say it’s OK.

Saint Michael the Archangel and the entire heavenly host – nine choirs of angels – defend us in this battle against our own sinful inclinations and against the wiles of the devil all the flesh in the world!

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