Walk By Faith To Live: Advent/Christmas Newsletter


We pray you make this final week of Advent most fruitful as we embark on the O Antiphons leading up to Christmas Day. Pray, fast and make little sacrifices daily for our Lord and others. Make Eucharistic Adoration a regular if not daily occurrence. Our Lord Jesus has done everything for you and me; let’s do all we can for Him, as we remember and celebrate His birth and look to His second coming to take us “home” and please do not forget His third coming which is His coming into your heart!

For anyone who would like to learn more about the Catholic Faith please let us know, and check out Oremus Communications at oremuscomms.com for a mini catechesis.

We would like to thank all of our benefactors over the years who are with us praying for, and giving to, our Apostolate and works of mercy over the years. Know that you and your intentions are being prayed for on a daily basis.

Our Apostolate has been blessed over the last seven and half years since its inception and has been honored to receive The Saint Augustine Award given by The Kings Men (thekingsmen.org), The Defender of Life Award given at the annual Our Lady of Guadulupe dinner run by the St Pius X Respect Life Committee, and The Agnes Stegmuller Memorial Award for Philanthropy given by The Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame Delaware County chapter at its annual banquet.

The reason for these awards are hi-lited below and we give thanks to our almighty Creator for all of it as we simply believe our gift to God is what we do with our time, talents and treasure that God has given us in return we give it all back to God by glorifying God while we help others along the way.

  1. In a few days we will remember the 25th anniversary of the passing of our brother in Christ Kenneth “Kenny” DeFeo. Kenny was a great man of God and we believe he is interceding for us now. His was a life well lived even in his all to short 37 years on earth but he still lives in our hearts and minds through The Ken DeFeo Memorial Scholarship that was instituted only two months after his passing (On December 28, 1997 , The Feast of The Holy Innocents) by his freinds. Please read more about this on this website as well as watch the documentary film – Together We Ken! – which can be found on this website or by entering – Together We Ken! – into Youtube. Please share this film with others and know this film was recognized as a leading documentary film by the Delco Film Festival in 2022. You will learn more about what we have done for others and for Catholic education over the last 25 years.
  2. We confirm, commit, challenge and confess to each other in The Kings Men by encouraging and teaching men to become the man God has created each of us to be and to set the world ablaze by loving, leading, providing and protecting through Faith, Education, Healing, Action in our families and communities as we have approximately 40 groups who meet regularly and often weekly to build each other up in our faith and we provide manly outdoor experiential retreats as well as healing retreats and sports and spirituality days for boys and girls high school age and do so much more and I encourage you to learn more by going to thekingsmen.org.
  3. We literally go out in the world on the streets to meet people where they are, and we do so on a regular basis including but not limited to feeding and clothing the homeless right there on the street in rain, snow, sunshine, cold and heat.
  4. We talk to and serve abortion minded women and the men with her if a man walks the women into the abortion center to simply let them know how much God loves them and how much we love them and how much we want to and will help them if they let the baby live. We get them into local pregnancy centers who support them and the baby. These pregnancy centers need our support so we suppport them. You can learn more about this and other Apostolates we support by going to the Resources and Links page of this website and I encourage you to do so and share it. Please go to prolifeamericaradio.com to learn more and listen to the podcasts to educate yourself so you can educate others.
  5. We do so much more including but not limited to promoting Eucharistic Adoration as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lives in the Eucharist and is truly present body, blood, soul and and divinity! (Again, more information about this and so much more on our Resources and Links page of this website so please go there and read and share it).
  6. We support our priests and parishes and pray for them and make sacrifices through fasting and other forms of self denial for their ongoing conversion and holiness as for our own as all of us make up the body of Christ and all are called to be priest, prophet and king by rite of baptism. The priests need us and we need them so may we never abandon each other.
  7. We pray and make sacrifices and offer masses for our dearly departed loved ones and all poor souls in purgatory. We ask you to please do the same. They need us to do this and it’s a work of mercy and a work of the Church. It’s also a great way to remember, and we pray for them and to them.
  8. We currently provide housing and other essentials like health care for a 61 year old man who is terminal and disabled and one of our brothers in Christ, who would otherwise be out on the street and we support another man who attends our weekly men’s Gospel Reflection group who lives on the street. One person at a time, we see each person as Christ and we must become Christ to each person. Christ is counting on you and me to do so.
  9. We take care of and love our families. Our children no matter her/his age need parents to be there and love them. Elderly parents who once took care of their children may need the children to take care of them now so we do it. Spend time with children and the elderly, please, especially loved ones. Do not neglect them. They need our time, concern and love and it will be the best time you spend. We believe all of us need to inconvenience ourselves more by doing these things listed above. It’s not about you or me, it’s about Christ and his creation starting with protecting human life from the moment of natural conception until the very moment of natural death and everywhere in between. We support and promote the family, marriage and life and walk with the divorced and children of the divorced in any way we can emotionally and mentally and to provide love and make sure he or she knows that he or she is loved in any and all circumstances and we do so much more.
  10. If you would like to learn more about any of this or donate your time, talent and/or treasure to our Apostolate, which could use your financial support you can learn how to do so on other pages of this website or by contacting us through this website. Most urgently pray for us and our work and love those closest to you starting with your Lord Jesus and your families.

God Bless you and may these last few days of Advent count for you toward loving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Walk By Faith To Live


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