The Universal Call To Holiness (From One Servants View)

Every person who is Baptized and by Rite of Baptism is called to be Priest, Prophet, King! (Not all baptized are ordained ministerial priests however as that happens in a separate and distinct Sacrament called Holy Orders)

I asked our Lord Jesus if I could become an ordained ministerial priest and He replied “no, not now and not yet, maybe one day, but maybe not, but I will make you a sacristan now”.

I can proclaim how awesome it is indeed to be a Sacristan (A Sacristan prepares and oversees the articles and elements required for the Liturgy so that all the members of the worshipping community can take their full, conscious and active part in the liturgical celebration. A Sacristan, or sexton, or, more commonly, the officer of the church in charge of the sacristy and its contents, such as the sacred vessels and vestments may be either someone in holy orders, as is common in a cathedral, or a lay person) and I take it most seriously. Next to being an ordained minister of God (A priest or deacon) I get to be closest to the Eucharistic Jesus in the most holy sacrament and tabernacle and I get to be very close to the tabernacle and I get to do so much more, like preparing the hosts to be consecrated by the priest and received in holy communion by the assembly as well as prepare the chalice of the priest for same. Then I am blessed to ring the bells at the consecration and be an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist! WOW! And I get to do so much more by the grace of God. When I am distributing Holy Communion, or The Eucharist, I am in a holy and mystical contemplative ecstasy!

There is so much more! By giving of myself I receive! It is a total and complete honor and privilege that is difficult to articulate into words.

I have the privilege of opening the Church and prepare it for mass all alone in the dark of the early morning hours and it’s just Jesus and me united as one and the coolest!

I am thankful to God and others who called and allow me to become a sacristan because it has brought me closer to the Living God.

One just never knows how we will be called so it’s very important you and I keep our ears, eyes and hearts open because our Lord Jesus speaks in so many different ways, towns and people.



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