A Renewal of Baptismal Promises to Gain the Grace of Purity


Here is something you might want to immediately post on your blog.  My very good friend and totally awesome priest Fr. David Poulson – diocese of Erie – told me he dreamed this prayer one night and woke up and wrote it down.  It’s super cool!

Peace brother!
PS – happy Father’s Day!!!
Yours in Christ Jesus,

A Renewal of Baptismal Promises to Gain the Grace of Purity

(Prepare by going to confession and holy communion.)

Almighty and all loving God, who have been so merciful and compassionate to me, while I have been an ungrateful and faithless sinner, today I solemnly make use of my free will, which is your gift to me. I renounce Satan, and all his works, and all his empty promises. In particular, I renounce any influence that I have allowed him to have in the past over my senses, especially the senses of sight and touch, over my imagination and memory and over my sexual faculty. I renew my baptismal promises in which I solemnly renounce him. I profess my faith in God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, and I promise to serve God faithfully in His Holy Catholic Church. In the power of the Holy Ghost, I profess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. I invite Jesus to exercise the sovereign authority, that He won by the shedding of His blood, to rule over my body, soul and spirit. I willingly place myself, whole and entire, beneath Jesus’ feet and accept His Lordship over my life. I consecrate myself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the chaste heart of St. Joseph. I consecrate myself to the holy archangels, Saint Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael and to my guardian angel and invite them to crush Satan and his minions beneath my feet, to bind them and cast them into the outer darkness where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. I consecrate myself to my baptismal and confirmation patrons, Saints __________and __________and invite them to take holy possession of me. I rely on their intercession to enable me to do God’s will with my every thought, word and deed. I make these renunciations, professions, invitations, and consecrations permanently and irrevocably in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

(Make both the great and small signs of the cross with holy water.)

Thank you Tom and Fr. Poulson


What Does it Mean to be Pro Life?

Happy Pentecost! The Birthday of the Catholic Church is celebrated today!

I believe I have been inspired by the Holy Spirit in the spirit of Pentecost to write this article, which will be a difficult one to write because many on all sides of the issues may not agree, but I write it because I believe with all my heart, mind and soul I am called to and it is better I please God then man.

The information contained is obtained through much reading, study and prayer as well as personal and private revelation.

For facts and figures I encourage you to read my previous article at https://walkbyfaithtolive.com/2017/05/05/on-abolishing-abortion-the-great-evil-of-our-time/

So, we begin, what does it mean to be Pro Life?

At the outset of this piece let me start by saying I am not sure it’s humanly possible to be truly Pro Life.

I believe and practice brutal honesty! Starting with myself and I encourage you to do same.

Let me explain, to be truly pro life means we need to protect life , all life, at every stage. That rules me out because I eat meat. If you are a gun toter, you are out; if you don’t protect and care for the environment you are out; if you are a racist you are out; if you don’t support immigration and providing safe havens for refugees you are out; if you use artificial contraception you are out; if you engage in or support homosexual sexual activity you are out; if you master-bate you are out; if you are transgender and mutilate body parts you are out; if you drive drunk you are out; if you smoke, use drugs and drink alcohol to excess you are out. If you view pornography, go to strip clubs and partake in prostitution you are out. If you are okay with abortion and euthanasia and the death penalty and war and embryonic stem cell research and invitro-fertilization and the ends justify the means attitude you are definitely out!

There are a number of other things I can mention that would cause you and I to strike out as well.

No need to despair though! I am an optimist and believe the many do not want to inflict harm on anyone. We are fallen creatures and need God and His mercy and thankfully He gives it to us.

Strive for holiness daily and go deeper in faith and learn and follow Church Teaching!

So, what do these terms mean; pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal and many more. I don’t like to use them because they label us and we should not be labelled.

On one hand I could be labeled too liberal as I am opposed to the death penalty, guns, racism and unjust war and I support legal immigration, providing safe haven for refugees and being good steward of the environment.

On the other hand I could be labeled too conservative as I oppose abortion totally and radically for any reason at any stage. I also oppose euthanasia and despise even using that term as well as artificial contraception. I strongly support traditional marriage and capitalism as long as it’s not unfettered.

Maybe rather than use the term pro life we should figure out a way to protect the life of the unborn. Our Constitution states life is to be protected.  So, why are we not protecting life of the unborn? A presidential candidate stated the unborn has no rights. maybe we should change that.

We use this term Pro Life. I consider myself Pro Life but what does it mean.?

I used many examples earlier that would preclude or exclude many from actually being Pro Life.

The term pro life is not found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, however abortion and euthanasia are and I encourage all to read sections 2270-2275 on abortion and sections 2276-2279 on euthanasia.

In the Bible we have Deuteronomy 30:15-20 and Jeremiah 1:5 among many other passages in support of Life.

I believe in protecting human life from moment of conception until natural death and everywhere in between. I am not in favor of harming an animal but I do eat meat. I would not harm an insect unless it’s in my dwelling.

To those who accuse pro lifers of being anti woman –

Those who say pro lifers are anti woman are wrong. Explain that one to me? If you are okay with abortion then you are anti woman as half of the babies killed are woman and are you really helping the mother, who is a woman? Is abortion really giving the woman her best and what she needs?!

On other issues –

Artificial contraception and any sexual activity or intercourse between those of the opposite sex or same sex that does not promote or welcome life is anti life so that is what I mean in my description earlier on what it means to be pro life. Same sex sex can never promote or welcome life so it goes against life or contracepts it. Sex should be reserved for marriage. Sex between opposite sex people whether married or not who use contraception also goes against life.

I encourage all to read and promote and encourage NFP (Natural Family Planning) between married people and also encourage all to refrain from sex until married.

Pornography, masterbation, strip clubs and prostitution are all a giant NO. Never! Ever! Let’s just say no to that entire industry and never watch or go to it and shut all those places down because no one ever goes there because none of it promotes life!

Maybe we should use the term promote life instead of pro life.

We, as human beings need to change and we need to protect human life at all stages starting in the mother’s womb.

We also need to be bold. We need to discuss this and share articles like this with others , especially our children.

That may be the best thing we can do and maybe the best way to explain what pro life means – helping others live and become the best version of himself or herself and all that God created him or her to be.

God bless you and thanks for reading and sharing this with others.

Eat and drink healthy, exercise, sleep and enjoy pure relationships with family and friends!

Educate yourself! Pray! Act!

If you need help in any of these areas go to the link below to find the resource you need –


Other articles on what it means to be pro life I encourage you to read –








The Lady from Heaven: Our Lady of Fatima pray for us on your 100th Anniversary: and the problem with fake equality and choice

The purpose of this article is twofold; first, it’s purpose is to promote and spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima as we celebrate the 100th anniversary, and second to explain that when we promote fake equality and untruthfulness it is damaging.

First, let us focus on the message of Our Lady of Fatima. Our Blessed Mother appeared to 3 young shepherd children Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, six times over a period of 5 months in Fatima, Portugal starting on May 13, 1917 and ending on October 13, 1917. WWI was still raging and her mission as she was sent by God was to promote peace, warn against the final result of sin and teach us how to draw closer to God and attain heaven, which is by unceasing prayer, as her Son and our Lord taught us.

These apparitions and messages given by Our Lady at Fatima may be the most important ever given in the history of the Church since Jesus ascended into heaven.

The simple message is fourfold. Attend Confession and Mass, pray the Rosary and meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary, especially during the first Saturday in 5 consecutive months.

Our Blessed Mother reinforced everything Jesus had already told us; Heaven and Hell do exist! Unceasing prayer and sacrifice is needed to save souls from Hell! Jesus is the way to Heaven and The Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart is eternally grafted into her Son’s Sacred Heart! The message is clear!

Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, rightly prophesied WWII before it broke out due to the sins and errors of mankind and a lack of faith, sorrow for sin and repentance.

The United States of America take heed in the year 2017 of our Lord!

Errors and Lies would be spread by Governments and Cultures as we saw in Nazi Germany and Communist Soviet Union and as we see today in the U.S.A., Europe and beyond.

Mary and Jesus tell us the truth, Hell exists and sadly people go there. But Our Lady of Fatima brings us great hope, even today as she instructs what we are to do: Pray, Penance, Action! It not only helps us but it helps others.

To learn more about Our Lady of Fatima and what Mother Church teaches go to http://www.oremuscomms.com.

Secondly, what do I mean by – the problem with fake equality? Well, it has roots in everyone gets a trophy and one world order, which means we are all the same.

We are not the same. Each of us is uniquely created in the image of God. Different skin color, different levels of intelligence, different athletic abilities, different musical abilities, different artistic abilities, even different levels of learning and ability to speed read.

None of this diminishes our value in God’s eyes nor in the eyes of those who truly love us.

But the fact is as in one example here, Kevin Love is not equal to Lebron James in talent in the game of basketball. Both are professional NBA players and teammates and both are needed on the team to help the team win because each brings unique and special talents to it’s team to help it succeed, similar to the body of Christ! We need the different talents and gifts of each of us to help, sustain and grow the Church!

It is the same for the game of life including gender and marriage. Men and Women bring unique and different Charisms or gifts to each other in marriage that lift up the marriage to a mystical bond in Christ!

Complimentarity and Subsidiarity make any society GO! The man and woman in marriage perfectly compliment each other in every way, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as the family unit – man, woman, children, all in the spirit of subsidiarity make up the domestic church and handle their own affairs without intervention from an outside source like the government or culture.

Let me further point out that man and woman, whether heterosexual or homosexual, black, white, red or yellow, Christian, Jew, Muslim or something else, tall short, bald, disabled, healthy or not and born or unborn all have unique gifts and talents and all are called to glorify God and help others by submitting each of our wills to God and living chaste lives in the service of others starting within our own families, neighborhoods and communities!

We don’t discriminate, ever against anyone! All are one in Christ Jesus our Lord to the glory of God in the Communion of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles and all the Angels and saints with Christ as our Head and Mary most Holy, the Blessed Mother as the Queen, whether the individual is a believer or not.

There is a natural law that we didn’t create, it’s beyond us, and because of natural law we are called to be pro life in every way which goes far beyond protesting for or against abortion, euthanasia, genocide, the environment, racism and the death penalty and immigration. Natural law applies to plant and animal life. Natural law states that pregnancy is created via a male and a female including the animal kingdom. Natural Law states a man cannot carry a child because man has no womb or the necessary body parts. Two homosexual men and two homosexual women are unable to conceive a child together naturally between the two of them. All of this is part of being pro life. I am pro life in every sense of the word!

Everyone is called to be pro life in every way and we welcome those from the LGBTQ community to stand with us as pro lifers and we welcome them into our Church, but it does not change the fact that those in the LGBTQ community and/or those that support it’s lifestyle, as it’s the lifestyle, not the person, that we call out, are in direct contradiction with what it means to be pro life naturally.

Use of artificial contraception also stands directly against life.

Core values and traditions is what the Church defends justly.

That in no way means I or we hate any single person who disagrees or is different from us and what we believe. It also doesn’t mean I or we are judging them for a decision they have made. Nor does it mean they have to turn away from the Church or being pro life.

In reality we need to pray for them, pray for all! Friend and Foe alike. Every DAY!!!

But we do need to be clear on all issues! We also need to be clear that we will not be bullied or allow others to call us bigots when it’s not true, and when we speak truth.

Educate yourself and come into the TRUTH!!!

The culture has become so engrossed in feelings, not hurting someones feelings, that it has become a detriment to society! The culture also disrespects, actually hates and despises Church teaching which is truth. The culture either has no regard for heaven or hell, does not care or simply does not believe! And we must push back against that. As for me, please hurt my feelings if what you say or do to me will help me get to heaven! Please do it! God nor I want to see even one soul perish to everlasting Hell! No way no how, not on my watch! It’s way too important! Eternally!!!We are obligated to admonish the sinner and instruct the ignorant starting with ourselves!

I am thankful and indebted to my parents for all eternity for 3 reasons:

#1 they are heterosexual and got married

#2 they stay married and didn’t divorce

#3 they chose life

My gratitude to my parents for these 3 decisions should not be offensive to anyone but in our new 2017 society it is and we need to see how everyone feels about it so they can express themselves. I’m so thankful to my parents but it’s not just because they chose life – before they chose life they had to choose each other, in a heterosexual marriage, which then led to my brother and I conception through heterosexual love making which was open to the possibility of conception/transmission of life- and not just fulfilling a sexual desire or urge of instant gratification, which does not bring the ultimate and permanent joy God wants us to experience through patience, prayer and sacrifice.

Here’s how you know you may need to put a question mark next to LGBTQ – if all of us were transgender or homosexual there would be no natural reproduction and the world would have ceased to exist already and will in the future if we continue down this path. This would be the same for animals – we would have to artificially engineer their reproduction, so let’s stick to the natural, please.

Negative population rates across the globe is not good. That is another story but suffice it to say that both global warming and population control are myths. In addition let’s leave things in God’s hands and stop pretending to be or play God.

Lastly, I call out my heterosexual friends, acquaintances and strangers to turn a hedonistic lifestyle over to God. Those who are not living chaste lives and sexual pleasure seekers whether inside or outside the context of marriage.

Repent! Turn around and remain faithful to the Gospel! It’s never ever too late and your very soul depends on it!!!


Here is some food for thought sent to me by a Facebook friend- 1917 was when our Lady and Blessed Mother appeared to the children at Fatima. A coincident? I think not. I call it a Godcident!


Enjoying all your Fatima posts tonight Chas. I recently was researching when abortion was first legalized in western nations and was amazed to find it was Soviet Russia that was the first country in modern times to legalize abortion-in 1917. I believe I read it was one of the first laws passed after the revolution. There have now been over 1 billion abortions worldwide in the 100 years since 1917. Although she didn’t mention abortion directly at Fatima, Mary spoke to the children about Russia spreading its errors across the world. I am praying and hoping with everything in me that the world might experience the illumination of conscience spoken of by so many mystics sometime this year. I always enjoy your posts. Thank you for all you are doing to build up the Kingdom.



I must give credit to Tony McGinley, Peter DeMaio, John Williamson and Theresa Howe Quigley for parts of this article and to my mom and dad, Robert and Elodia DeFeo for choosing life.

I encourage you to do more research into NFP (Natural family planning) and seek out Dr. Monique Ruberu to be your gynecologist.

Look into the links page of this website for more resources that will help educate you on the issues of our day and help you grow in Christ every day.

I give glory to God in everything, especially, protecting all forms of life at every stage, born and unborn and stating that sex is reserved for marriage and marriage is between one man and one woman.

Pornography and masterbation pave the way to hell. Never lose hope though, never give up trying and striving for holiness no matter how often you stumble. Go to confession and then go to mass and Holy Communion and listen to Our Lady of Fatima, pray the Rosary, make reparation for sins, your own, your families and the sins of the world. Meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary and Bible verses and read and use the Catechesim of the Catholic Church.


A Reflection on Today’s Sacred Scriptures: Good Shepherd Sunday

About Today for Sunday in the 4th week of Easter

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Acts 13:14, 43-52
Psalm 100:1-2, 3, 5
Revelation 7:9, 14b-17
John 10:27-30

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Easter. A reflection on today’s Sacred Scriptures:

The Gospel this Sunday in all three reading cycles is about Jesus as the Good Shepherd. This year the emphasis is on the voice of Jesus.

We can imagine how that voice must have stirred the hearts of all who were disposed to listen to it, how it must have moved people with its authority and its power to persuade. The voice of Jesus was at times so loving, and at other times so challenging. It was that voice saying to Peter, “Feed my sheep,” that still rang in his ears as he preached boldly to the Sanhedrin. It was that voice crying out, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” that echoed still in the heart of Paul as he and Barnabas preached in the synagogues of Perga and Antioch and Iconium. It was the voice of Jesus which drowned out the vicious lies of all those enemies of truth that tried to choke off the Good News so bravely proclaimed by Peter and Paul.

The readings during the Easter season clearly show us how gladly those great Apostles suffered persecution and even death “for the sake of the Name.” No wonder we call Peter and Paul the great pillars of the early Church who inspired so many others not to fear contempt and bodily harm because the Holy Spirit was with them. Those who followed that voice would be rewarded with a glorious crown.

It’s no wonder that literally millions of Christians have suffered for their faith down through the ages. Millions even today are deprived of human rights, imprisoned and killed just because they are loyal to that voice of the Good Shepherd. Racial hatred, abuse of women, child slavery, and exploitation of the poor, to name but a few, are the effects of strident, angry and evil voices which constantly try to drown out the loving voice of the Good Shepherd who proclaims justice for the oppressed.

In Jesus’ lifetime on earth as preacher and healer, He was known for His compassion and love. Shortly before His Passion and death, He stopped on His way to Jerusalem to weep over the city, crying out, “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how many times I yearned to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you were unwilling!” (Luke 13:34-35)

Jesus is best known, however, as a shepherd, leading His flock to eternal life. He called Himself the door, the gate, the sheepfold itself. The shepherd knows each individual sheep by name, and each one of His flock are safe when they follow His call. Today’s Gospel emphasizes this aspect of a shepherd–his voice. “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they never perish.” (John 10:27-28)

Many in our world are now fascinated by another voice, that of Pope Francis, who urges us to bring the power of our love and concern to the poor, the persecuted, and the powerless of this world. When we hear his voice, we recognize the authentic voice of Jesus Himself. May we heed his voice especially in the months ahead. [1]

[1] Catholic Calendar and Daily Meditations, Fourth Sunday of Easter

The English translation of The Liturgy of the Hours (Four Volumes) ©1974, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved. Used with permission by Surgeworks, Inc for the Divine Office Catholic Ministry. DivineOffice.org website, podcast, apps and all related media is © 2006-2017 Surgeworks, Inc. All rights reserved.

On Abolishing Abortion, The Great Evil of Our Time!

The Walls Are Talking by Abby Johnson
If you want to abolish abortion and you helped elect Donald Trump to become president then now is not the time to relax. You go on a full court relentless press to all politicians! You tell them if you are not against abortion you will vote them out when their term expires.
You don’t get bullied by those who misguidedly say you are anti women, what about the death penalty, the poor, the environment, racism, rape! All heinous crimes, all are evil.
You stare evil in the face and you say in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Savior , King and Everything, be gone!
Abortion and PP need to be gone!
Abolish abortion and abolish PP and then we can discuss these other issues.
I am against death penalty at all stages! Abortion is the death penalty!
Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, 1,389 convicted murderers have been executed in the United States. (As of October 1, 2014)
Of those executed, 15 were female. (The last was Lisa Ann Coleman in Texas on September 14, 2014).
Of those executed, 772 (55.6%) were white and 470 (33.8%) were black.
The total number of abortions since 1973 has reached 58,586,256!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me?
Over population and global warming cannot be proven.
You can fit the entire population of the world, about 7 billion, into the state of Texas and each person will have 1200 sq feet around them!
Are you kidding me?
Anti women? Racism? C’mon man! Half of the citizens of the U.S. being aborted are women! That’s the war on women! Blacks make up 13% of U.S. population but 30% of abortions are black babies! That’s racism!
Rape – one half of one percent of rapes result in pregnancy! One rape is one to many rapes! It should never happen! I have heard speakers who were born out of rape and guess what, they are against abortion.
Ronald Reagan said – I see that all those who are for abortion have been born.
Every man, woman, black, white, red and yellow should be outraged by abortion!
We treat animals better than humans! Unborn children are humans!
Adult stem cells have been proven effective! Embryonic stem cells have not!
The more science and technology advance the more my faith grows stronger and my belief in God gets bigger! And my zeal for protecting life at all stages grows to epidemic proportions. No one has a right to take life in the womb, at the end or anywhere in between.
There was a famous line in a movie – ” I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”!
In addition, Jesus expressed righteous anger!
Onward Christian soldiers! Christians are not asked to be doormats! Jesus Christ was not a doormat!
Cecil Richards and PP and others like her, men and women alike are bullies and I am not going to allow them to bully me, silence me, or intimidate me!
I am not going to accept their rhetoric and lies, ever!
No fake news! EVER!
Do the research and get the facts!
The deeper I go in my abortion research and the deeper I go in faith in God works together in me finding truth! And when one gains knowledge of the truth it is impossible to go back, impossible not to not have knowledge! And if I do not share truth and knowledge, woe is me when I stand before the Almighty!
Abortion is the EVIL of our time and the signs of our times are to cower or be indifferent to EVIL! NO WAY! NO HOW!
I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ! I am proud to be Catholic! I am proud to be for abolishing abortion!
The blood of the martyrs are on our hands!!! Make no mistake about it, those aborted babies are martyrs!
Always be charitable but firm and let every politician know that if they vote for abortion, they are out!
If the entire Democratic party says you can’t be a Democrat unless you vote for abortion then tell them we will abolish the entire Democratic party unless you change!
The time has come! NOW! If not you, who? If not now, when?
Here is my request and plea –
I ask you to forward and share this post and to make this go from the Pacific Northwest to Miami Beach, FL.
Please won’t you help me! Let everyone you know read this!
And please listen to http://www.prolifeamericaradio.com now!

Family Fully Alive Festival Sunday, April 30, 2017, 12:00PM – 5:00PM St. Joseph Parish, 338 Manor Ave., Downingtown, PA 19335


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Tremendous speakers, relevant breakout sessions, fun activities for kids, exhibits, food, refreshments, Mass and Confession!

Oremus Communications April 2017 Newsletter



Good News everyone!

The glorious celebration of Easter Sunday will be soon upon us, and how privileged and thankful we are that Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, has saved us from our sins and made it possible for all of us to spend eternity with Him, His Father and the Holy Spirit along with all the angels and saints, including the Blessed Virgin Mary, and finally, all of the souls in Purgatory (once they have undergone their purification).

It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

When we reflect on our struggles here on earth in light of these saving efforts of Our Lord, Jesus, it is so much easier to deal with our burdens and problems. Nicht wahr? And so there is much wisdom in the old maxim: “Keep the Faith”; because as we know, the rewards for doing so are out of this world!

And now, here on earth, we want to let you know of some of our activities for this month of April.

In addition, to a Special Novena Prayer to Our Lord on Easter Sunday, the 16th, we will be visited by some great co-hosts on our Oremus Communications Family Rosary Program (OCFRP).

Starting on Monday, April 10, we will be joined by Mrs. Janet Graffius, Curator of Collections at Stonyhurst College in the UK. As some of you may remember, Janet was in Philadelphia last June 2016 serving as the Custodian of relics of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, Pa. USA. Janet will be calling in from Washington, D.C. where she is currently on tour with these relics to talk about the political and religious challenges that these two great Saints had to face on their path to Sainthood.

Next, on Wednesday, the 12th of April, Mr. Carl Malburg, the Guardian of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima will be calling in from the midwestern state of Indiana to talk about the Message of Our Lady of Fatima in light of the official recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions on May 13th. Certainly, a MUST.

On Monday, May 24th, Dr. Mary Anne Ritchie Gordon, prominent Pro-Life physician from the Delaware Valley and board member of the Pennsylvanians For Human Life Education Services, will be back to talk about the May Procession, in honor of Our Blessed Mother, to be held at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia on Sunday, May 7.

And on Friday, the 28th, author and good friend, Mr. Charles DeFeo, O.P., will return to give a general historical overview of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation and the importance of the Council of Trent. {For more details re: the above events and more, please log onto our website: oremuscomms.com


Remain in My Love: Archdiocese of Philadelphia Initiative for the Renewal of Marriage and Family Life; A Three Year Project

REMAIN IN MY LOVE (John 15, 9) Archdiocese of Philadelphia Initiative For the Renewal of Marriage and Family Life Archbishop Charles J. Chaput announces a three year project, Remain in My Love, directed to every member of the clergy and lay faithful, and to every parish and institution, to reinvigorate our understanding, practices and celebrations of Christian marriage and family life.


There is a serious need to shift our previous approach to marriage and family life which ignores the consequences of poor catechesis and the lack of personal encounter to a more evangelical and relational approach.

Remain in my Love, requires of everyone in the Archdiocese that clear and effective catechetical materials are in use on marriage and family life, an intentional assessment of the effectiveness of programs and ministries related to marriage and family life, and the development of a future stable plan for marriage and family life in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The success of Remain in my Love stands on corporate and personal conversion to the way of Christian marriage and family life through prayer and the worthy celebration of the Sacraments.

Remain in My Love will focus on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center the first year, on parishes and institutions the second year, and on married couples and families the third year.

The project, for all three years, moves in two directions, inviting a committed investment on the part of all. The first direction includes catechesis on significant biblical and pastoral themes on marriage and family life. The second direction includes guided reflection on these themes in small groups.

A more complete presentation of these directions can be found on the attachments to this announcement.

The Archbishop has deliberately chosen the offices and agencies in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center to be the first participants in this project, Remain in My Love.

As the pastoral arm of his leadership and ministry in the service of all in the Archdiocese, a reinvigorated—biblical, evangelical and pastoral—understanding of marriage and family life becomes the lens through which to encourage the same understanding in our parishes and institutions and among all the clergy and faithful.


For more information, visit: archphila.org/remain.

PATH: Post-Abortion Treatment and Healing Ministry

PATH:  Post-Abortion Treatment and Healing Ministry

Who we are and what we do


As the ripple effect of abortion grows, so does the need for healing.  In 1987, a post abortion healing ministry began in Atlanta.  This non-profit ministry is called PATH, “Post Abortion Treatment and Healing.”   PATH was started by two women, one a pastoral minister, and the other one a parishioner of a Catholic Church with a social work degree.  It became apparent to these two women that abortion is a spiritual wound, and a spiritual approach is necessary for anyone wounded emotionally or spiritually from an abortion experience.  They began with informal support groups, which then evolved into small group Bible Studies.  In August of 2000, PATH offered its first Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat.  The retreat compliments the small group bible study very well, yet offers a different but very moving approach called “living scriptures,” whereby the bible is brought to life, emphasizing Christ’s enormous love and mercy.  Through the programs offered by PATH, one can learn to accept God’s love, forgiveness, and mercy to forgive themselves and others that might have played a part in this decision.  PATH works to bring hope to the broken hearted.  All is done in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental setting.  PATH serves individuals of any Christian faith, even though the vast majority are Catholic.  PATH volunteers also offer educational presentations to help the community understand the symptoms that can occur following this experience, so that those who need help can find it.


Currently, PATH has over 30 trained volunteers who help facilitate bible studies and retreats.  Most of PATH’s volunteers have been through the program themselves and are the perfect embodiment of the “wounded healer.”  For many, life after this decision is never the same.  Symptoms of regret, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse, spiritual emptiness, and more are often connected with this experience.  Unfortunately, millions of men and women suffer in silence from the pain of a decision they might have made recently or have been carrying around for years.


No matter how recent or how long ago this decision was made… If you or someone you know says they are fine and don’t want to revisit this decision, please let us encourage you to reach out to us, we know what they are going through.  Please visit us at www.healingafterabortion.org.  Click on the video entitled “Darkest Before the Dawn:  Finding Healing& Forgiveness” which encompasses the devastation of the abortion experience and portrays so eloquently finding God’s healing and forgiveness.


Jesus is waiting with open arms for you, the Prodigal son or daughter, to come to him for forgiveness, mercy and healing.  May we all pray for an end to abortion and pray for all those who are suffering to receive the healing and mercy they need.  Please call 404-717-5557 for more information.


God Bless,


Jody Duffy