Jesus Makes All Things New

Praise Jesus! My Lord and King. I believe the below was for you and me.
And gives me belief that my blog is divinely inspired as its purpose is to promote purity and chastity. 


I have strong beliefs that my heart incident on March 18 was brought on by divine intervention as it was the impetus for me to receive anointing of sick , confession while in hospital , complete focus on Jesus passion and wounds, caused me to pledge purity and chastity and join Angelic Warfare Confraternity.


This has all happened to me in last 3 months even though I have been on the path my entire life with ups and downs , and periods of chastity and purity, I never totally committed to it or handed it over to God in total surrender and it’s the most liberating thing I have ever done. Ecstasy that I wish, hope and pray everyone can get to.


I know I am fallen creature and sinful but my lust is in the past and I will blog more about it.


Please help me by praying and sharing


Thank you, God bless you and know I am praying for you and your ministries! We need each other as the body of Christ more than ever now!


This decision by The Supreme Court will be a victory in disguise for us the faithful who persevere until the end!




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