Oremus Communications, LLC – July 2015 Newsletter



Oremus Communications, LLC
July 2015 Newsletter


Dear Friends,



               As we enter the hot months of July and August, we are ever mindful of all  the things we need to pray for.  Just turn on the TV and we are constantly confronted with a multitude of things worthy of serious prayer.  Yet, we take confidence in Our Lord’s words:  “Ask and You Shall Receive”.  So we pray the Rosary each day with hope and trust that Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother will respond accordingly to all of our petitions, regardless of their number. Please join us and our OC Family Rosary Program at:  oremuscomms.com each day as we present live- stream recitations of the Holy Rosary (Mon-Sat at 12:15pm -EST and Sundays at 2:00pm), and together we can make a spiritual difference!


Items of Interest:

               Our prayers continue to support the USCCB Fortnight For Freedom Campaign, especially in light of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, until its conclusion on July 4, thereby honoring the great saints who displayed great courage in their witness to Christ.

               Fr. Peter Welsh from St. Joseph’s Parish in Coatesville, Pa will be with us on July 16, 2015 to honor Our Blessed Mother under her title:  Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

               Charlie DeFeo, our good friend from the Men’s Faith Sharing Group at St. Pius Parish in Broomall, PA will be with us on July 3, 2015, talking about a number of things including the World Meeting of Families in September.  Charlie also has a blog at: walkbyfaithtolive.com

               For the next few weeks, we will read and comment on the various paragraphs of Laudato Si, the Encyclical by Pope Francis concerning the environment.

               We are in the process of making plans for participation in the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia in late September.  We will share more details as we draw closer to this tremendous event followed by Pope Francis and a papal mass. 

               Volunteers are welcome.  If you or someone you know is interested in taking an active role in our ministry, please go to our contact page on our website and get in touch.  We will be most glad to hear from you, and together we can explore various options.



                                                                Oremus Commucations, LLC



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