August 2015, Important Dates and Announcements

August 6-9 –, retreat starting at 4pm on Thursday, August 6 through Sunday, 12noon , August 9. Go to these websites to register.

August 14-15 –

Feast of The Assumption of Our Lady and Blessed Mother – click on this website for details and Facebook message me at chas defeo to reserve your spot.

August 28 – Day of Prayer and Penance –

United States of America, July 31, 2015 (

Days of Prayer, Fasting Being Organized in Response to Planned Parenthood ‘Horrific Actions’

“A society can only be considered socially just if it protects the most vulnerable among us”

Colorado’s Catholic Bishops are encouraging the clergy and faithful of the Archdiocese of Denver, The Diocese of Pueblo and the Diocese of Colorado Springs as well as the faithful throughout the country to observe Friday, August 28, 2015, as a day of prayer and penance in response to Planned Parenthood’s horrific actions and all those involved in the procurement and use of aborted baby organs.

We also pray and call on all people of good will in Colorado and beyond to pray that those involved in research and medicine will fix their sights on recognizing the sacredness of life and refrain from putting human life at the service of science. A society can only be considered socially just if it protects the most vulnerable among us.

One of the entities that has used a procurement company  to purchase aborted baby organs is Colorado State University.

You can google your U.S. Senators and Representatives as well as your state and local senators and representatives and call there offices and leave a message or email expressing your disgust at this horror and requesting that Planned Parenthood be shut down and ask them to respond to you. Best to call after hours or weekends so you will be assured to get machine where you can leave a message. Be respectful in your words or email or letter but be forceful in the request that Planned Parenthood needs to be closed down.

Some examples of prayer and penance are:

Attending mass and receiving Holy Communion

Meditating on The Word Of God

Spending Time In Adoration In The Blessed Sacrament

Praying The Holy Rosary

Reciting The Chaplet Of Divine Mercy

Making The Way Of The Cross

Fasting and Abstaining from eating meat

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

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