Truth And Happiness, From St. Augustine

This post is from the Book, The Confessions of St. Augustine. Written by St. Augustine himself and his autobiography this masterpiece was penned in the late 300’s, about 17 centuries ago but read below and take note how prophetic these words are for our times today. Amazing!!!

From Book 9, The New Catholic, chapter 23 – Truth and Happiness – Page 252

“(34) Why is it, then, that “truth begets hatred?” 6 Why is your man who preaches truth to men become and enemy in their eyes, 7 even though there is love for the happy life, which is naught else but joy in the truth?  Can such things be accept because truth is loved in such wise that men who love some other object want what they love to be the truth, and because they do not want to be deceived, they refuse to be convinced that they have been deceived? Therefore, they hate the truth for the sake of that very thing which they have loved instead of the truth. They love the truth because it brings light to them; they hate it in as much as it reproves them. Because they do not wish to be deceived but wish to deceive, they love it when it shows itself to them, and they hate it when it shows them to themselves.8″

Next to The Bible and CCC this has become my favorite book. I love the wisdom in St. Augustine and thank God for him.

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