What is a Godcident?

First off I must wish my Mother , Elodia Irene Marie “Dee” or “Dee Dee” DeFeo (although her sister and brother my Aunt Nina and Uncle Jules often call her “LO”) a happy Birthday as she is 77 today, and she means so much to me.

I encourage you to get my book, Walk By Faith To Live Joyfully, on Amazon or Bluenose Press, to read the chapter on my Mother for details. Happy Birthday dear Mother or Mom as I call you. Love you and thank you for being you!

Okay, so what is a Godcident? Let me first say I have removed the word coincident from my vocabulary and now only use Godcident. Why have I done this and why do I believe this. The reason is there have been too many circumstances surrounding my life on a daily basis that have revealed truth based on reason that God exists. My friend and leader of The Kingsmen, Mark Houck, likes to use the term signal graces, and that is true, these happenings are signal graces that I like to refer to as Godcident.

In Hebrews 11:1, the Apostle Paul tells us – Faith is the evidence of things unseen and the realization of what is hoped for.

In my lifetime I have personally experienced so much evidence of God’s existence in things unseen that I am confident in the realization of what is hoped for.

In addition, when I lose something or feel like I am in a hopeless situation I cry out to God for help through the intercession of St. Anthony when something important is lost or St Jude, one of my Mom’s favorites, when the situation feels hopeless. My Mother was also devoted to Our Blessed Mother, especially when we needed the weather to be nice. She had a little white plastic statue of our Blessed Mother when I was younger and always placed it in the window and prayed for good weather. I don’t ever remember having bad weather when she did that. These are Godcidents or signal graces.

One of these experiences just happened minutes ago so I am compelled to write about it as God desires me to so as to share my Faith in and Love for Him.

I am in the midst of planning my Book Launch party and sending out numerous invitations. One person I know who is a missionary planner for our Archdiocese of Philadelphia responded to me on Friday and asked I call him to discuss having me come speak to various Parish groups about my newly released book. I purposely did not return his call immediately as I usually do because I thought I would see him at an event on Friday night or Sunday morning and thought it best we speak in person. He was not at either event so I decided to call him today, Monday morning. Guess what, can you guess what happened? Yes, indeed! I was unable to find his email that listed his number. I was searching everywhere and just could not find it. I prayed to God for help and asked “my” saints intercession and figured I would go to my email to enter the name of the person who sent me the email in the search box and surely I would find it. As I was going to my email on my computer to do just this, another email came in and caught my eye on my phone. As I looked down at my phone to see who had emailed I noticed it was from a priest in training, Brother Chris, who is currently in Rome studying and who took me around to see the religious sites in Rome when I visited my daughter Julia, who was studying abroad, this past April. I wanted to share my newly released book announcement with Brother Chris and the email I sent him was piggybacked from the email I sent to the person who responded to me with his number to call him so wam bam, Thank you God! There was the email with the number I needed from that person, and it was directly under Br. Chris’ email he just sent me! WOW! God is so GOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!

This was not a coincidence, no way, no how, this is God entering the picture, entering my life in a personal way and saying directly to me, do not fret, do not worry, I am always with you and I am always for you. I never rest, I will not let your foot slip, I who watch over you (see Psalm 121:3, which just happens to be my personal 2016 bible verse based on my name Charles, so again another Godcident. Yes, He is always working for us; if only we cooperate with His Grace). See what I mean? I hope you do.

My hope and prayer is that you seek out, cry out, pray out and always be on the lookout for the Godcident in your life on a daily basis. That is simply what I do. It usually comes in the whispering wind (see 1 Kings 19:11-13).

If we just Walk By Faith To Live, even when we cannot see, we will experience the Godcident daily. Make sure we always drop to our knees after the Godcident, or at least bow our heads and give thanks to our Almighty Triune God for always being there and bringing it!!!

Praise His holy name and His mighty works in our lives, every day!

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May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand, always!

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The author of this article is Mr. Charles A. DeFeo, OP



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