Remain in My Love: Archdiocese of Philadelphia Initiative for the Renewal of Marriage and Family Life; A Three Year Project

REMAIN IN MY LOVE (John 15, 9) Archdiocese of Philadelphia Initiative For the Renewal of Marriage and Family Life Archbishop Charles J. Chaput announces a three year project, Remain in My Love, directed to every member of the clergy and lay faithful, and to every parish and institution, to reinvigorate our understanding, practices and celebrations of Christian marriage and family life.


There is a serious need to shift our previous approach to marriage and family life which ignores the consequences of poor catechesis and the lack of personal encounter to a more evangelical and relational approach.

Remain in my Love, requires of everyone in the Archdiocese that clear and effective catechetical materials are in use on marriage and family life, an intentional assessment of the effectiveness of programs and ministries related to marriage and family life, and the development of a future stable plan for marriage and family life in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The success of Remain in my Love stands on corporate and personal conversion to the way of Christian marriage and family life through prayer and the worthy celebration of the Sacraments.

Remain in My Love will focus on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center the first year, on parishes and institutions the second year, and on married couples and families the third year.

The project, for all three years, moves in two directions, inviting a committed investment on the part of all. The first direction includes catechesis on significant biblical and pastoral themes on marriage and family life. The second direction includes guided reflection on these themes in small groups.

A more complete presentation of these directions can be found on the attachments to this announcement.

The Archbishop has deliberately chosen the offices and agencies in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center to be the first participants in this project, Remain in My Love.

As the pastoral arm of his leadership and ministry in the service of all in the Archdiocese, a reinvigorated—biblical, evangelical and pastoral—understanding of marriage and family life becomes the lens through which to encourage the same understanding in our parishes and institutions and among all the clergy and faithful.


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