PATH: Post-Abortion Treatment and Healing Ministry

PATH:  Post-Abortion Treatment and Healing Ministry

Who we are and what we do


As the ripple effect of abortion grows, so does the need for healing.  In 1987, a post abortion healing ministry began in Atlanta.  This non-profit ministry is called PATH, “Post Abortion Treatment and Healing.”   PATH was started by two women, one a pastoral minister, and the other one a parishioner of a Catholic Church with a social work degree.  It became apparent to these two women that abortion is a spiritual wound, and a spiritual approach is necessary for anyone wounded emotionally or spiritually from an abortion experience.  They began with informal support groups, which then evolved into small group Bible Studies.  In August of 2000, PATH offered its first Rachel’s Vineyard weekend retreat.  The retreat compliments the small group bible study very well, yet offers a different but very moving approach called “living scriptures,” whereby the bible is brought to life, emphasizing Christ’s enormous love and mercy.  Through the programs offered by PATH, one can learn to accept God’s love, forgiveness, and mercy to forgive themselves and others that might have played a part in this decision.  PATH works to bring hope to the broken hearted.  All is done in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental setting.  PATH serves individuals of any Christian faith, even though the vast majority are Catholic.  PATH volunteers also offer educational presentations to help the community understand the symptoms that can occur following this experience, so that those who need help can find it.


Currently, PATH has over 30 trained volunteers who help facilitate bible studies and retreats.  Most of PATH’s volunteers have been through the program themselves and are the perfect embodiment of the “wounded healer.”  For many, life after this decision is never the same.  Symptoms of regret, guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse, spiritual emptiness, and more are often connected with this experience.  Unfortunately, millions of men and women suffer in silence from the pain of a decision they might have made recently or have been carrying around for years.


No matter how recent or how long ago this decision was made… If you or someone you know says they are fine and don’t want to revisit this decision, please let us encourage you to reach out to us, we know what they are going through.  Please visit us at  Click on the video entitled “Darkest Before the Dawn:  Finding Healing& Forgiveness” which encompasses the devastation of the abortion experience and portrays so eloquently finding God’s healing and forgiveness.


Jesus is waiting with open arms for you, the Prodigal son or daughter, to come to him for forgiveness, mercy and healing.  May we all pray for an end to abortion and pray for all those who are suffering to receive the healing and mercy they need.  Please call 404-717-5557 for more information.


God Bless,


Jody Duffy




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