On Abolishing Abortion, The Great Evil of Our Time!

The Walls Are Talking by Abby Johnson
If you want to abolish abortion and you helped elect Donald Trump to become president then now is not the time to relax. You go on a full court relentless press to all politicians! You tell them if you are not against abortion you will vote them out when their term expires.
You don’t get bullied by those who misguidedly say you are anti women, what about the death penalty, the poor, the environment, racism, rape! All heinous crimes, all are evil.
You stare evil in the face and you say in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Savior , King and Everything, be gone!
Abortion and PP need to be gone!
Abolish abortion and abolish PP and then we can discuss these other issues.
I am against death penalty at all stages! Abortion is the death penalty!
Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, 1,389 convicted murderers have been executed in the United States. (As of October 1, 2014)
Of those executed, 15 were female. (The last was Lisa Ann Coleman in Texas on September 14, 2014).
Of those executed, 772 (55.6%) were white and 470 (33.8%) were black.
The total number of abortions since 1973 has reached 58,586,256!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me?
Over population and global warming cannot be proven.
You can fit the entire population of the world, about 7 billion, into the state of Texas and each person will have 1200 sq feet around them!
Are you kidding me?
Anti women? Racism? C’mon man! Half of the citizens of the U.S. being aborted are women! That’s the war on women! Blacks make up 13% of U.S. population but 30% of abortions are black babies! That’s racism!
Rape – one half of one percent of rapes result in pregnancy! One rape is one to many rapes! It should never happen! I have heard speakers who were born out of rape and guess what, they are against abortion.
Ronald Reagan said – I see that all those who are for abortion have been born.
Every man, woman, black, white, red and yellow should be outraged by abortion!
We treat animals better than humans! Unborn children are humans!
Adult stem cells have been proven effective! Embryonic stem cells have not!
The more science and technology advance the more my faith grows stronger and my belief in God gets bigger! And my zeal for protecting life at all stages grows to epidemic proportions. No one has a right to take life in the womb, at the end or anywhere in between.
There was a famous line in a movie – ” I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”!
In addition, Jesus expressed righteous anger!
Onward Christian soldiers! Christians are not asked to be doormats! Jesus Christ was not a doormat!
Cecil Richards and PP and others like her, men and women alike are bullies and I am not going to allow them to bully me, silence me, or intimidate me!
I am not going to accept their rhetoric and lies, ever!
No fake news! EVER!
Do the research and get the facts!
The deeper I go in my abortion research and the deeper I go in faith in God works together in me finding truth! And when one gains knowledge of the truth it is impossible to go back, impossible not to not have knowledge! And if I do not share truth and knowledge, woe is me when I stand before the Almighty!
Abortion is the EVIL of our time and the signs of our times are to cower or be indifferent to EVIL! NO WAY! NO HOW!
I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ! I am proud to be Catholic! I am proud to be for abolishing abortion!
The blood of the martyrs are on our hands!!! Make no mistake about it, those aborted babies are martyrs!
Always be charitable but firm and let every politician know that if they vote for abortion, they are out!
If the entire Democratic party says you can’t be a Democrat unless you vote for abortion then tell them we will abolish the entire Democratic party unless you change!
The time has come! NOW! If not you, who? If not now, when?
Here is my request and plea –
I ask you to forward and share this post and to make this go from the Pacific Northwest to Miami Beach, FL.
Please won’t you help me! Let everyone you know read this!
And please listen to http://www.prolifeamericaradio.com now!

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