Just Be A Good Person…Is It Good Enough?

“I Am  A Good Person” – A Poem



“I Am  A Good Person”

Is anyone not a good person?

If I had a nickel for how many times I heard this I would be millionaire many times over!

It’s rubbish and typical of our culture as it goes without saying we should be good

We are called to be more than good

It’s a red flag of entitlement to do what I want not what God wants when we say just be good

It’s selfishness and a license to say leave me alone I don’t want to hear about anything difficult

God did not create you and me to simply be a good person

That goes without saying

You and I need to be more, the very best version of ourselves

A man and woman of the highest virtue

Are you?

What did Jesus the Christ do for you and me?!

He did everything…

“But I needed this for me, it’s what I needed at the time”

It feels good, I want to feel good

But what about Christ, who lives in the unborn baby being slaughtered in the womb?

But what about the person living on the street in freezing temperatures with no food?

But what about the person who is addicted?

But what about the person a million miles away who has no clean water?

Are they feeling good? Christ is in all

Too busy I say and not my problem

I need to indulge in a pleasurable lifestyle

I need abortion on demand

I need contraception

I need porn

But I still respect all women, hahahahaha, what a joke!

I need that $1000 purse and $500 pair of shoes

I need convenience

I need to feel sorry for myself

I need to get divorced because it’s just not working out

But what about the children who suffer when the parents split up

What about this and what about that, me, me, me!

Everything goes, everything tolerated because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings

I don’t want to confront anything, especially evil in my life or in the life of another

Bury my head in the sand, it’s easier that way

Drink, drink, drink, let’s do another drug

Sex, drugs and rock and roll , it’s so much easier

Please don’t challenge me or make me think

I have to do my job and take care of my own family so I can’t help anyone else

I don’t want to see or hear about any suffering in the world

I just want pleasure and can’t get enough of it

Do you ever think about Christ on the Cross?!

That God Man on the cross really happened and he did it for me and YOU!

Was he comfortable and convenient on that wooden Cross!?

The unborn baby, and the pregnant mother in crisis are on that cross

The homeless person and the addict and the 3rd world starving child too!

What are you and I going to do about it?! Anything?!

Take another drink, smoke a little pot, have a little sex, break up with the spouse!

That crucifix is about you, me, HIM and THEM! Stare at it, meditate on it, pray on it and ACT ON IT!

Do something for another instead of yourself! It will make all the difference!!!

Denial? Self Sacrifice? Pray? Fast? Abstain? HAHAHA! No way, not my way!

I Did It My Way…is the way to Hell!!!

Don’t go to Church, don’t think about God, don’t help my neighbor, But I am good person!

Just be a good person! But is good enough?!

Was Jesus the Christ only a good person?

Virtue, more than good, it’s the highest moral excellence

Strive for it…Strive for Holiness in everything you do

But I am a good person, so God will let me in…Who are you, I don’t know you

It’s me Lord, I am a good person

Let me in Lord!

The road is narrow and the path is hard

God does not say be good as I am good

God says be holy because I am holy

Apostles, disciples, martyrs too

Who gave up everything including their lifeblood whew!

Endless talk of sports, shoes, clothes, this and that

Let’s talk about anything that is not too heavy

Don’t bring up God, don’t bring up religion, please don’t challenge me to think

But I am still a good person, REALLY?!

I have GOOD NEWS though, His name is Jesus!

So, never despair, never lose hope, never give up, never lose faith

Turn to Him in the Sacramental Life and He will do the rest!

And that will be GOOD enough!!!

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