The Kingsmen 5th Annual Wing Bowl Outreach

On February 2, 2018 early in the morning before dawn 20,000 people will pack the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia to attend the 26th Annual Wing Bowl which is a WIP Sports radio event and the brainchild of their morning team, spear headed by Angelo Cataldi.

There will be an eating contest to see which eater can eat the most buffalo wings in a short span of time. Each eater will have a woman at their side called a wingette.

J.P. Whelihan’s, Kettle One, Coors Light and Jamison to name a few sponsor this event.

The event is also sponsored by all the local philly area “gentleman’s clubs”.

WIP sports radio runs commercial after commercial on their airwaves promoting these strip clubs and encouraging the attendees to come to their clubs as soon as wing bowl ends to eat and reminds listeners that they all have the best entertainment in town.

Eaters during wing bowl vomit and pictures are taken and published of the largest vomit.

The public display of drunkenness is epic!

Vomiting and public urination in a building our professional athletes play.

Sexual acts were reported in the stands a couple years ago.

Any woman in attendance is loudly encouraged whenever a camera stops on her to show her “boobs” and if she doesn’t she gets booed.

The mini buses from the strip clubs circle the area around Wells Fargo center like a vulture ready to gobble up as many as can fit and run them over to their club and return and load up more and this keeps recurring for a couple hours. The sides of these mini buses have an attractive woman scantily clad in provocative position encomapassing the entire side of the mini bus.

The WIP sports radio personalities glorify all this activity and actually boast that one day of debauchery is okay.

It’s NOT okay!

This event is ANTI-MARRIAGE and ANTI-FAMILY!!!

This event needs to end! NOW!

They claim it will end when the Eagles win the Super Bowl so let’s hold them accountable now regardless.

Please call and email and demand this debauchery ends for good!

I don’t care that they will say we donate the proceeds to a good cause. BULL!!!

The ends do not justify the means!

I have never been inside the building to witness wing bowl but for the 5th year The Kingsmen, of which I am one, will stand outside the building to be a living witness and example that we can do better than what goes on in that building.

By the way, I am a football guy and Eagles fan and 21 year season ticket holder taking my son since he was 5. We have attended many memorable games including the snow bowl and many playoff games and most recently the playoff and championship wins over the Falcons and Vikings. I played football through college and coach now at the high school level. My Father and brother both played at the D1 College football level and my father coached at the high school level. Football is in me and my family DNA.

However, Wing Bowl is wrong and should be stopped.

Strip Clubs advertising and promotion have no place in sports so let’s stop it.

Below are contact information to WIP , please call and email to express your displeasure with Wing Bowl and demand it stop because it is ANTI-MARRIAGE and ANT-FAMILY values and hurts people and society and marriage and family!

This should not be glorified or promoted!

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