Wing Bowl Is No More…Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead…

Ding Dong the witch is dead is from the fairy tale The Wizard of Oz. The story below is no fairy tale and this is not Oz.

It was announced early this morning from the Philadelphia Studios of a local Sports radio station that Wing Bowl is no more after 26 years.

For those of you who have never heard of Wing Bowl I will allow you to do your own research on it if you care to and find out why it was started and what it became.

In one sentence it became one day of debauchery, anything goes! It took place in a Philadelphia indoor sports stadium where our professional athletes ply there trade.

Five years ago my good friend Mark Houck, founder of The Kings Men, rallied us to stand with him and against this debauchery so we did. Mark was prompted by a man who I also now call friend Bill Devlin, who we also call Pastor Bill.

I tell my children often to stand for something or you will fall for anything so this presented the perfect opportunity for me to put my words into action.

Another good friend and Kings Men Joe Lepera invited me as he so often does. I was introduced to The Kings Men leader in West Chester, Jim Herlihey and Gus DeSimone, a current seminarian and soon to be priest through our Wing Bowl outreach and I am honored to now call both friend.

Wing Bowl glorified gluttony, epic display of public drunkenness, lewd conduct and behavior, nudity and pornography and was sponsored by various “strip” clubs in the Philadelphia area. It was an epic frat party and look the other way no matter what happens annual event.


It was started 26 years ago by a group of local sports radio personalities because the Eagles never win the Super Bowl and from its beginning the group stated it will end when the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

Over these 26 years ownership and management of the radio station changed and Wing Bowl morphed into a gluttonous , drunken orgy that became very popular and sold out the 20,000 seat arena and was always held early Friday morning before Super Bowl Sunday.

Immediately after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in February the radio station who founded Wing Bowl announced that Wing Bowl will continue but this morning they did an about face to announce it’s over.


An article written in a local Philly newspaper quoted the station as saying it’s time to end Wing Bowl. It further quoted recent resistance and that a major sports network was quoted as saying it was bad news and that a female Philadelphia reporter wrote a scathing article about it a few years ago after she witnessed it live for herself.

The article mentioned nothing about the #METOO movement nor did it mention that for the last five years a small group of men and even a few ladies who stood with us outside the event with signs but in peaceful and prayerful protest may have been the reason it was time to end this debauchery as they realized we were not going away and I know we bothered them even though they refused to talk about our presence after the first year we entered their domain to stand against this.

As our Wing Bowl Outreach group stood along Broad Street near Pattison at the entrance to the stadium with our signs and Rosary beads in hands many passersby gave us thumbs up and thanked us as we braved the dark of early morning and the cold of winter in Philly starting at 4am.

Most importantly and efficaciously we prayed as a small group of men for one hour long and straight year in and year out outside the stadium for God’s will to be done!

Not all were kind. Many limousines pulled in. Numerous strip club buses picturing a young scantily clad woman on the side of their mini buses circled the area around the stadium like vultures looking for a good and fresh meal as all the local strip clubs opened at 9am on this day only and bussed all the patrons in to their lairs to feed them breakfast while the ladies “danced”. From these limo’s and packed cars were the slogans addressed to us – “you are faggots”, “you don’t like boobs” and much worse. Many of these so called men were so drunk it was almost comical as they could barely utter the sentence but I must catch myself because this is nothing to laugh at. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated, ever!

Not to mention the women who went inside the stadium to watch the event and who were greatly outnumbered by the men were often groped or cat called and booed if they did not remove their tops and at least one year there were reported sex acts taking place at the upper level of the stadium.

I listened to this sports radio station on my drive down one year and one of the evening hosts interviewed on air in the wee hours of the morning interviewed a woman he called a porn star and he was “drooling” over her and glorifying porn on air.

The strip clubs constantly run ads throughout the day on our two local sports radio programs here in Philly. When did sports merge with the porn industry? It’s damaging to men, women, marriage, family and life and needs to stop!


It’s not okay to look the other way and to glorify and objectify women, men, the human body, sex outside of marriage, gluttony and drinking alcohol or smoking pot or worse to the point of passing out.

They will tell you it was time to end Wing Bowl. They will tell you this and that. They will not mention our presence to do the right thing and that is okay because we do it for the glory of God first and foremost. We do it because it’s God’s will! We do it because we are called to do it! We must stand for something so we don’t fall for anything.

We are The Kings Men: some married, some fathers, some single, all sinners striving for holiness and proclaiming God’s will as the correct and only way to joy, peace and eternal salvation. We are called to reach out to others to show there is a better way. That way is Jesus. That way is to love, lead, protect, provide through faith education healing and action.

It’s not us but Christ in us or Holy Spirit power as I like to say.

Everything we do is for the glory of God and to proclaim Christ as eternal King. That’s why we do it!

We are Catholic so when we stumble, fall and sin we go to the sacrament of confession, often.

I would like to close by stating my 7 steps for Spiritual growth which are needed today more than ever.

  1. Confession – it’s a Sacrament and you receive God’s grace. Use it often.
  2. Holy Communion. Receive it often after going to Confession.
  3. Eucharist Adoration – sit with our Lord often.
  4. Spiritual Director – Find one, preferably a trusted priest.
  5. Spiritual Reading and Prayer – I read an recommend Magnificat, Living Faith, the Diary of St. Faustina and of course the Bible and Catechism of The Catholic Church. Pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily.
  6. Band of Brothers or Sisters in Christ – Find a group and they will become your best friends. Mine are the Lay Dominicans, The Kings Men and my St. Pius X men’s group.
  7. Works of Mercy – Corporal and Spiritual. Pray and work to end abortion, feed the hungry, help addicts, help others.

Surrender to God and He will do everything for you! – From The Liturgy of Hours

It’s not love if its only done when its convenient – Pope Francis

Keep on Walking My Friends!

Thanks be to God who is great all the time!!!!

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