Our Lady, Untier of Knots, Pray for US!

Knot Still Tied?

We can see with our eyes how they stand

tuxedo and gown, before all, hand in hand

and hear with our ears each I do

and see, over time, precious lives that ensue

from the two become one —

the striking alikeness of daughters and sons

with laughter and labor

healing and hurt

till laughter is labor

and bad becomes worse

through poverty, sickness

distraction, work

other interests.

What’s dearest becomes distant.

Covert consummations

spawn lopsided smiles

as long, lavish trains

await wide paper aisles.

Do we have to take sides?

A lifetime together

the lawyers divide.


But what about the merged soul

that cannot be un-merged?

Can we see what’s neglected

and left to thirst?

Or hear the sound of the ripping

of self from self?

See the lean toward lost flesh?

The dysfunction of will?

Hear I do as I don’t

in a racket of guilt?

If we could see what’s inside–

all that dying can’t kill,

would we recognize wreckage

as space to be filled

or a knot that’s still tied?

Rita A. Simmonds

Rita A. Simmonds is an award winning poet, and author of three books of poetry: Souls and the City, Bitterness and Sweet Love, and Greeting the Seasons.

Let us pray for all marriages, all families, all lives daily! Our Lady, Untier of the knots in our life, pray for us!

To choose peace requires us to choose the cross, as Christ did!

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