I wanted to share this with you. I plan to meet with Joe N. on a weekly basis now and invite you to join us.

God Bless you and keep praying – faith, hope and charity!!!!

For those that do not know – Joe N. is a St. Pius X adult faith formation leader and has ALS for close to a year now, I think, as he was diagnosed and currently unable to communicate through talk but he uses an app, he is emaciating and does not eat much, his limbs are getting stiffer he says but not much pain, he can drive and walk still.

He is a courageous man of faith with a great sense of humor and no self pity.

He is currently at the foot of the cross and embraces it.

I am thankful my Lord has given me the Charism of helps and his grace to accompany others in their darkest times.

It is not me, it is Christ in me.

I have connected the dots by the grace of God and seeing how God wants to use me, and simply thankful I cooperate.

May we , all of us, give thanks to the Lord for those people our good and great Lord sends our way to accomplish His glory, starting within our own families!

I challenge you to recall these people and help more and I will name some now who the Lord has put in my path for my benefit and His glory!

All are gifts from God to me and for me!

My Faith!!!!

My wife, my children, my mother, William Jude Cardelli, Joe Nero, all of you – Faith, Family, Friends!

My past loved ones who have gone before me marked with the sign of faith, who have touched me in a particular way and who I have been blessed to accompany and they me –

My Father, My brother, My Uncle Alex, My grandparents, Raffaele, Tony McGinley, Carmen Calderero, Bill Adams, Pat Martirano, Kathryn Bloemker, James Bloemker, to name a few.

I surely am not naming all and many in my heart I may have forgotten but our Lord will never forget them and these I mention above have been a great honor simply knowing and walking with each person!

My strongest desire is what Aquinas was credited as saying – only you Lord – when our Lord granted him anything in his hearts desire, and he replied simply – Only You Lord!

May we never forget we are called to be reasonably happy in this life and eternally happy with our Lord forever in the next!

My greatest honor is in giving my time, talent and treasure to The Father , The Son and The Holy Spirit and to our Church and others starting within my own immediate family and outward from there.

I pray I have given my all to my immediate family first because any or all the good I may do for others if I do it and neglect my relationship with God and my immediate family then it’s for naught!

I simply want to be the man, husband, father, son, friend I have been created to be and look forward to giving and hopefully by the grace of God giving everything I have just like my Lord and Savior Jesus gave for me and all of us!

My time is not mine and my life is not mine!!!! It’s all for the glory of God in and through Christ my Lord, savior, king and everything!!!!

Lord, please give me the strength Lord if it’s your will to toil until I know longer can and to die either as a martyr for you or in exhaustion serving others in your name!!!!

That’s it and that’s all because what else is there that really matters.

The Lord has given me roof, clothes, food, water, sacraments and so much more.

I never want to complain but only give thanks to HIM for every breath I take.

May the Lord and others forgive me for all the wrong I do or harm I cause, past, present or future!!!!

Please pray for me! I am praying for you!!!!

Your brother in Christ,
Charles DeFeo

From: Charles DeFeo To: Joe N. Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 11:22:02 AM

Subject: Re: Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words. Let’s glorify our good and great Lord together for all he has done for us!

Let’s get together next week , Wednesday, Thursday or Friday are best for me. We can come to my apartment. You can come to our group men’s meeting next Wednesday if you like to as well.

I will follow up with you on Monday.

Pray for our upcoming men’s retreat this weekend.
God Bless!

On Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 11:06:21 AM EDT, Joe N. wrote:


Thanks for breakfast! It was nice getting together with you and Jude!

Next time we get together, I bring a louder speaker. There is so much I love to talk about with you.

While this is a challenging time in my life, I am so grateful for all the prayers, love and support that I get. I’m used to being on the other end, praying, loving and supporting others. It is very humbling to be on the other side.

Your mention of prayers for Trump, Pelosi, Biden and all gave a lot to think about. All the nastiness and character smearing caused a lot of resentment in me toward some of these people. The hypocrisy and narcissism angers me greatly. But you are correct. We need to pray for all of them with deep love in our hearts. That is the Catholic way. And you are a strong upright man that the Church needs today! You are the Bishop Fulton Sheen of St Pius X in Broomall.

Have a blessed retreat! God love you buddy!


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