Applying Catholics’ Preeminent Obligation When Voting in the November 3, 2020 General Election

Applying Catholics’ Preeminent Obligation when
Voting in the November 3, 2020 General Election

The Catholic Bishops in Pa. – and throughout the United States –
have repeatedly proclaimed the preeminent obligation of Catholics
regarding voting is the protection of human life from conception until
natural death. (These statements are available at

We offer this Declaration to urge our fellow Catholics to fulfill this obligation
when voting in the November 3, 2020 General Election.

An obligation means a moral necessity. Thus, it is sinful for a Catholic
not to fulfill an obligation.

Preeminent means that this obligation must be fulfilled before fulfilling
other obligations.

Voting decisions become immoral when they knowingly provide
material cooperation to a clearly and grave evil act. Material cooperation
means that the evil would not occur without this cooperation.

The direct and intentional killing of children in the womb by abortion
is a clear and grave evil act. The denial of legal protection for these
children and the use of public funds to pay for abortions enables and
expands this evil.

The leading candidates for public office of one major Political Party – The Democrat Party – fiercely oppose legal protection for all children before birth and strongly
support the use of public funds to kill these children by abortion.

These candidates cannot gain election to public office to deny this
protection and provide these funds unless they receive sufficient votes.

Thus, the clear and urgent application of this preeminent obligation means
that it is immoral for Catholics to vote for such candidates.


I, Charles A. DeFeo have added the words – The Democrat Party – to this flyer written above, otherwise every word in it is directly from The Pro-Life Coalition Of Pennsylvania.

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