Spending Time With Jesus…In Adoration…

Spending time with Jesus, O what joy! It is better than any Christmas toy…

The best and most important time I spend is spending time with Jesus in front of The Most Blessed Sacrament in Eucharistic Adoration.

I train to go visit my adorable Jesus daily and often do but some days I get distracted and miss going and being with him.

Jesus is my buddy, friend and pal but so much more…

He is my Lord, Savior and King…designated driver, financial planner, marriage counselor and EVERYTHING!!!!

Won’t you spend time with Jesus too? He is waiting for you!

The feeling in the adoration chapel is power, peace, refreshment, joy, ecstasy, words cannot really describe or provide it the justice He deserves.

It’s the only place I really want to be. His presence is palpable. This chapel is a cave, a sanctuary and a place of profound faith, hope and charity!

It’s the greatest gift our Lord has ever given us – Himself and His presence, truly; body, blood soul and Divinity!

Won’t you try it and train for it, please? It’s a process and life long journey and you may start with baby steps. If you can stay with Jesus here in this chapel for an hour a day O what bliss, even 30 minutes or less but commit to one hour a week and start with your first 5 minutes.

If you take the first step and go to Him , He will surely do the rest!

It’s Love, pure Love, unblemished LOVE!!!

Run to HIM, He is waiting with arms outstretched. Enjoy Him , bask in Him, stare at Him, ponder Him, There is nothing or no one like HIM.

He looks at me and I look at him and we are happy together.

PERSONAL!!!! Talk to Him as you would your very best friend. Pour your heart out to Him but never forget to thank Him profusely and be sure to ask Him how he is doing to!

You may pray or read in front of Him but I recommend just going and being with Him. Say nothing, do nothing, simply love Him and allow Him to Love you! He will speak to your heart maybe not right away but He will speak to you throughout your day, night and sleep if you go to Him often in Eucharistic Adoration.

Your life will come alive and you will feel the abundant life; not materially but spiritually and it’s the better part.

TRUE Love conquers sin!

TRUE Love conquers all!

Lord, help me not say I love you but prove my love for you!

Won’t you love Him as He first loved YOU!!!!

He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He will always wait for you!


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