What Is The Purpose of Lent?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraphs 538-540 , 1095 and 1438 explain Lent, and I encourage you to read. Lent is a time of intense penitential practice.


Because we follow Jesus into the desert where he prayed and fasted for 40 days after he was baptized. We must follow Jesus all the way to eternal life. There is no Resurrection for Jesus nor for us without intense suffering; meaning sacrifice, self denial and THE CROSS.

Jesus states in The Gospel of Luke that we must pick up our cross daily and follow HIm. There will be no Resurrection for us if we do not partake as St. Paul so eloquently states in Colossians 1:24.

So Lent is a good time to focus on our own death which will come and we must not be afraid to contemplate and reflect on this here and now.


Death – Judgment – Heaven – Hell. We call these the four final truths.

What do we need to do to attain eternal life in Christ. First and foremost believe in Him and His most precious blood for the salvation of souls; and again the Apostle St. Paul explains this in Scripture. Go to mass and receive Holy Communion and follow the precepts of The Church which are listed in The Cathechism of The Catholic Church.

In addition we must die in the state of grace and we must pray for final perseverance. Frequenting the Sacrament of Confession will help us persevere. Pray to St. Joseph. He died in the “arms” of Jesus and Mary. Pray the Rosary daily and wear the brown scapular around your neck, not superstitiously but as a great act of faith. Please Mary! If we please Mary, we please Jesus!

Be vocal about your faith. Tell others, especially loved ones, that you want to die in the state of grace and that you want this for them as well. Let them know you want a priest to administer the final Sacraments to you and you want to do this while you are still alert. This is very important.

Carry in your pocket a card that states – I am Catholic and want a priest.

Arrange your will according to Church teaching refusing euthanasia and make sure everyone knows you want a Catholic Requiem funeral mass.

Be prepared not scared. Have no anxiety.

You and I will stand face to face with Jesus and we should have a reverent fear as He is JUST!

Now is the time for mercy, then is the time for JUSTICE!

Eternal Truth Will Convict Us

Angels and Saints we are devoted to here and now will protect us. Pray for the souls in purgatory right here and now every day! They will be praying for us when our time comes.


Works – Alms – Confession – Charity

Plead the Blessed Mother who our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ will never refuse. AMEN!

So, finally, have a plan. Plan your work and work your plan. Your eternal salvation and those of others depends on it!

Most importantly Keep On Walking By Faith To Live Joyfully!

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